10 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago’s Rate Connect

“How can I increase my direct hotel bookings?” It’s a question many independent hoteliers ask themselves. To provide them with not only an answer but also an effective and affordable solution, trivago developed Rate Connect.

So, what is Rate Connect exactly? What are the benefits? And how much does it cost? You’ll find the answers to these and more below in the top 10 questions hoteliers ask about trivago’s Rate Connect.

What is Rate Connect?

Rate Connect is a performance-based app designed to help independent hoteliers like you increase direct bookings and lower distribution costs. The way to do that is by enabling you to promote your website rates on trivago (with a link to your booking page).

When travelers click on the special “Hotel website” tag on your profile, trivago will send them straight to you to complete the direct booking process. This allows you to own your customer relationships, build your brand, and generate repeat business.

What are the benefits of Rate Connect?

trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch where travelers worldwide go to find their ideal hotel by comparing millions of hotel rates on hundreds of booking sites online.

When you begin promoting your website rates on trivago with Rate Connect, you open a new channel to create a healthier balance between direct and indirect booking distribution. Why is this mix essential?

The more travelers book directly with you via trivago, the less you rely so heavily on third-party bookings. Even during low season and times of uncertainty, you want to promote your website rates to attract potential guests who prefer to travel regionally and book direct.

Am I eligible to use Rate Connect?

First and foremost, you’ll need:

  1. A booking engine to process direct bookings on your website.
  1. A connectivity provider that has a channel manager you use to distribute your rates and availability online.

To find out if your connectivity provider has the technical setup with trivago, you can check the list by clicking here.

How much does Rate Connect cost?

There are three campaign types with Rate Connect: pay-per-click, pay-per-booking, and pay-per-stay (their availability depends on the setup with connectivity providers).

When you opt for pay-per-click, you set the monthly budget that’s right for you and only pay for the clicks you receive on your website rates. These may amount to the budget you allocate, or they may be less.

With the pay-per-booking campaign you can choose one of the available commission rates and pay that fixed rate on each direct booking you receive.

As for pay-per-stay, the commission rate you choose will be charged on guests’ direct bookings after they’ve completed their stay. trivago won’t charge you for a cancelled booking, unless you keep part or all of its booking value.

No matter which model you select, you’ll be able to influence your visibility on trivago based on your preferred bidding goal with a pay-per-click campaign or the commission rate chosen for the pay-per-booking and a pay-per-stay campaigns.

And rest assured, there are no registration costs or subscription fees with Rate Connect.

Is there a recommended monthly budget?

To help you select an optimal budget for your pay-per-click campaign, trivago provides budget recommendations within the app.

These recommendations are based on several factors, including the level of exposure you want to achieve on trivago, individual market conditions, and the estimated number of clicks your campaign will receive.

You can also adjust your budget for your campaign. A newly set budget will go into effect at the beginning of the next calendar month—you’re in control.

Can I switch from one campaign type to the other?

Yes, you have the option to switch campaign types, which is based on the available setup with connectivity providers. And if you go with the pay-per-booking or pay-per-stay campaign, you can also change from one commission rate to another.

Do I have the option to pause my Rate Connect campaign? 

Yes, you can pause and resume your campaign when necessary.

How can I optimize the performance of my Rate Connect campaign?

trivago will carry out a lot of the Rate Connect performance-optimization for you, every single day. trivago automatically adjusts your bid daily to make sure your campaign is always competitive with other advertisers.

And the automated market selection feature in the app will target only high-value markets with your website rates in order to generate more traffic and booking conversions for your property. The selection of markets is optimized specifically for your campaign, too.

To help you keep track of your performance, the Rate Connect app provides you with data on key metrics, such as clicks, bookings, and revenue.

Here are some ideas on what more you can do to maximize the return on your campaign:

What’s more, you can always contact a trivago account manager to receive expert advice.

How can I get Rate Connect?

Rate Connect is accessible in the App Store in trivago Business Studio, the metasearch marketing platform used by hoteliers around the world to promote their properties on trivago.

When you’re already registered on trivago Business Studio, simply log in and add the Rate Connect app to your account.

How can I start a Rate Connect campaign?

Once you’ve added Rate Connect to your Business Studio account, open the app and click on the Start now  button. You’ll then be able to get your first campaign up and running in 3 quick steps.

  • Choose your campaign type
  • Set your monthly budget for a pay-per-click campaign, or select one of the available commission rates for a pay-per-booking or pay-per-stay campaign
  • Enter your billing information

After you’ve confirmed the setup of your campaign, your website rates will go live on your trivago profile within 24 hours.

A version of this article was originally published in May 2018.

Featured image: Bruce Mars on Unsplash