10 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago’s Rate Connect

“How can I increase my direct hotel bookings?” It’s a question many hoteliers are asking lately. To provide them with not only an answer, but also an effective and affordable solution, trivago developed Rate Connect.

And while there are many hoteliers out there using trivago’s Rate Connect and reporting positive results — increased direct bookings, reduced commission costs, balanced distribution, increased overall occupancy — there are also many hoteliers who have questions about Rate Connect and how it can help them.

Every day we receive calls, emails, and messages asking us about the app . What is Rate Connect? How does it work? And how much does it cost?

Read on below for answers to the top 10 questions hoteliers ask about trivago’s Rate Connect.

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How can I show my hotel’s direct rates on trivago?

This is a question we often get from hoteliers who are interested in advertising on trivago, or have recently started working with us, but aren’t yet familiar with our full suite of B2B products.

Given the title of and intro to this article, the answer is probably obvious: You can show your direct rates on trivago with Rate Connect.

Which leads us to the next question hoteliers often ask us. . .

What is Rate Connect?

Rate Connect is a performance-based app built to help independent hoteliers increase their direct bookings. It enables them to promote their direct rates (with a link to their booking engine ) on trivago, empowering them to compete with the OTAs, drive direct bookings, and take control of their distribution.

If you’ve conducted a search on trivago recently, perhaps you’ve seen hotel profiles with a special “Hotel website” label? That label is powered by a Rate Connect campaign. When clicked, it sends the traveler to the hotel’s booking engine to complete their booking.

How does Rate Connect work?

Rate Connect is an app accessed through trivago Business Studio, the metasearch marketing platform used by hoteliers to promote their properties on trivago.

On the hotelier’s side, Rate Connect works as a cost-per-click (CPC)-advertising campaign.

On the traveler’s  side, Rate Connect works by sending these booking-ready travelers who click on the rate to the hotel’s booking engine to complete their (direct) booking.

Am I eligible to use Rate Connect?

To use Rate Connect you’ll need a booking engine. You’ll also need to work with a technical provider that works with trivago[MHM1] . This is how we’re able to display your hotel rates and availability on our website. Alternatively, you can upload your rates and availability to RoomUp

How can I get Rate Connect?

First, you need to sign in to your trivago Business Studio account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free here. Next, select the Rate Connect app from the recommended section and click on Add app. It’s as easy as that.

How can I start a Rate Connect campaign?

Once you’ve added Rate Connect to your trivago Business Studio account, you can click on the app and select the Start now button. Then follow the simple setup steps to start your campaign.


Promote your official direct rates to boost bookings.

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Can I  adjust my Rate Connect budget ?

Yes! You can adjust your budget for running campaigns. Your new budget will go into effect at the beginning of the next calendar month. You’re in control.

How much does Rate Connect cost?

You set your own monthly budget, and there are no registration costs nor subscription fees.

And because of the CPC-advertising model, you only pay for the clicks you receive. This may amount to the budget you allocated, or it may be less.

What is the recommended monthly budget?

To help you select an optimal budget for your campaign, we provide you with budget recommendations within the tool.

These recommendations are based on several factors, including the level of exposure you want to achieve, the number of markets you want to target, individual market conditions, and the estimated number of clicks the campaign will receive.

How can I optimize the performance of my Rate Connect campaign?

trivago does a lot of the Rate Connect performance optimizing for you, every single day. We automatically adjust your CPC bid daily to make sure your campaign is always competitive with other advertisers.

Here are some ideas on what more you can do to maximize the return on your campaign:

Readers can find out more about the advantages of using metasearch to increase a hotel’s direct business in Hotels Drive High-Impact Direct Bookings with Metasearch.”


Ready to start a Rate Connect metasearch marketing campaign? Simply click the button below to go the Rate Connect page:

Go to Rate Connect

Let us know in the comments section below if you have more questions about Rate Connect – or about anything! We’re always happy to hear from you.

A version of this article was originally published in May 2018.

Featured image: Bruce Mars on Unsplash

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