Rate Connect’s Latest Feature Can Optimize Your Campaign during the Crisis

The travel industry is on the road to recovery and while many aspects may look different than before, the need for accommodation will always remain the same.

Those who have been itching to travel are already looking for places to stay for their next adventure, even if it’s only a weekend trip to a nearby city. As they search and prepare to book, it’s important for your hotel to maintain its visibility to give travelers the chance to book directly with you.

But how do you determine which markets are recovering faster and have the most interested travelers? In the current industry conditions, targeting the right markets is more crucial than ever.

Luckily, Rate Connect’s newest feature can help you to make sure that you’re always targeting the markets with the highest potential for your hotel, both during the crisis and once crisis is over.

Introducing automated market selection

Automated market selection is a new feature that was recently launched within Rate Connect. By enabling it, the markets where your direct rates are promoted are selected automatically.

How it works

This free feature eliminates the need for manual market selection, by automatically targeting the markets with the highest value for your campaign. Your direct rates will then be promoted across those markets on trivago. The market selection process is dynamic and based on estimated clicks and booking potential for your property.

Optimization during the crisis

With so many uncertainties in the current travel industry, automated market selection was built to detect high-potential markets that are recovering faster and optimize your campaign to target them. This takes the burden off you to continually research which markets are starting to see travel activity again.

Additionally, automated market selection can help to improve the quality of clicks that your direct rate receives. This means you don’t have to worry about lowering your budget to avoid paying for irrelevant clicks, as your campaign will only be active in recovered markets providing qualified leads.

Post-crisis benefits

Automated market selection is here to stay, which means that it is also a valuable post-crisis tool. Although the industry still has a long way to go until things return to “normal”, this feature will continue to benefit your campaign once things have stabilized.

Targeting high-potential markets is an essential part of a well-run campaign. However, it can get tricky, as things like seasonality can change the amount of potential that certain markets have.

Meaning that even in a post-crisis world, you will still need to take the time to monitor your markets if you choose to select them manually. By continuing to use automated market selection after the crisis, you can save yourself that time and the effort.

Where to find it

Enabling automated market selection is an easy, one-step process. Simply go to the Markets tab within Rate Connect and you’ll find it at the top of the page. To enable it, toggle the button to the right of the feature description.

When it’s on, manual market selection won’t be available. However, you can go back to manual market selection at any time.

If you’re ready to check it out for yourself, click here to go to Rate Connect.