Target the Right Guests with Rate Connect’s Automated Market Selection

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As a hotelier, you want to increase your online visibility and win more direct bookings. Even better when you can promote your attractive website rates with Rate Connect to do just that.

But how do you decide which markets to target for the return on investment you desire?

This is where trivago’s automated market selection comes in. Based on data-driven insights, this Rate Connect feature identifies and targets the most relevant markets for your website rates throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at how it works and benefits hoteliers with an active Rate Connect campaign.

Benefit from an optimized campaign

Nothing beats a day with streamlined and hassle-free processes that can take care of your work with ease and speed.

To give you a hand with your day, Automated Market Selection takes the guesswork out of deciding which markets you think you should promote your website rates. It also eliminates the manual chore of constantly testing different markets to see where your Rate Connect campaign performs best (or maybe not so well).

With Automated Market Selection in motion, trivago’s algorithms will target high-value markets for you based on the estimated number of clicks on your website rates and traffic to your booking page.

Run your Rate Connect campaign in autopilot

If you have Rate Connect’s pay-per-click campaign, automated market selection can help improve the quality of clicks you receive. That means, you don’t have to worry about spending your monthly budget on irrelevant clicks. Your website rates will only be promoted in the markets that provide you with the most qualified traffic to your website.

Although you may like the idea of choosing markets manually with the pay-per-click campaign, you’ll still need to monitor the performance of those and make adjustments in order to keep up with market trends and seasonality. With automated market selection, trivago will do that heavy work for you, saving you the time and all the hassle.

If you already select markets manually with your pay-per-click campaign, you can easily activate automated market selection with the click of a mouse.

It’s that easy!

The manual selection of markets won’t be available, but you can go back to it at any time. For hoteliers who have the pay-per-booking or pay-per-stay campaigns, Automated Market Selection is on by default for convenience.

And, of course, you won’t ever be left in the dark about which countries you’re letting trivago target for your campaign. Your Markets page will always keep you in the loop.

Promote your website rates to drive direct bookings

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Ensure a seamless and trusted booking experience

Although the promotion of your website rates in high-value markets on trivago is a proactive approach to your digital marketing initiatives, it’s just one cog in the wheel to drive direct bookings your way.

Since the guest experience begins online, it’s not a recommendation to make a good first impression and exhibit trust but a must. This is especially true when you want to turn travelers into future guests on your website.

How quickly do we, as consumers, expect a website to load? According to a study by, 47% say in two seconds or less, which falls in line with the average of 2.5 seconds on a desktop (8.6 seconds on a mobile device).

Research in this area consistently shows that the quicker the load time of a website, the higher the conversion rate. For hoteliers, that rate refers to direct bookings.

Factors that influence your website’s load time are both internal (e.g., image sizes, page design, plugins) and external (e.g., network connections and server response times). So, it’s essential to look at all the factors that impact the load time. Even a slight increase in speed can have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

What’s your website’s load time? Now’s a good time to find out. With online tools, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, you can time and test yours.

Extra tips for your Rate Connect campaign

  • Offer irresistible website rates on trivago that entice travelers to book direct.
  • Create an attractive trivago profile that showcases your property’s best features.
  • Keep your campaign running all year round for better visibility.