8 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Business Studio

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What is trivago Business Studio and how does it work? We’re glad you asked!

We’ve put to pen to paper to answer the most popular questions hoteliers ask us, from driving direct bookings to registering their property (yes, it’s free).

So, let’s dive into everything there is to know about trivago Business Studio.

#1 What is trivago Business Studio?

First things first: trivago Business Studio is trivago’s metasearch marketing platform for independent hoteliers to reach and win over millions of travelers worldwide.

Want to show potential guests a full and appealing profile? No problem. Is your goal to improve your visibility on trivago and drive direct bookings your way? We have products for that, too!

trivago Business Studio offers simple solutions to help independent hoteliers succeed on trivago.

#2 Is trivago Business Studio free for hoteliers?

Yes, a trivago Business Studio account is free of charge, and there’s no cost to register, either.

If you haven’t registered yet, all you have to do is follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Click on Register for free on the trivago Business Studio homepage
  • Enter your property’s email address
  • Create the password for your account
  • Enter the name of your property in the search field. Even if the name of your property has recently changed, you must enter the name as it currently appears on trivago.
  • Select your property when it appears in your search
  • Click on Assign to my account to complete the registration process

And that’s it!

If you can’t find your property while trying to register, take a look at this FAQ to find out why you’re running into that issue.

Register your property on trivago Business Studio–it’s free!

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#3. What makes an attractive profile on trivago?

First impressions are everything, so here are our tips for a full and attractive profile. You can do it all under Property Details in trivago Business Studio.


You’ll want to have a minimum of 30 high-quality photos on your profile to showcase your property at its best. To help travelers visualize their stay with you, take a look at these great tips on hotel photos that sell.


When travelers click on your profile to learn more, an engaging description about your property can pique greater interest. It should also be available in key languages, so that you can also reach global travelers.

Basic information:

Since travelers on trivago can narrow their search results for hotels based on the services and amenities that matter most to them, be sure you’ve indicated everything that’s available at your property. After all, what you offer may very well be what travelers are looking for.

#4. How often should I log in to trivago Business Studio?

We recommend you log in to trivago Business Studio regularly in order to stay up to date on your performance. The analytics show how well you’re doing on trivago and where there’s room for improvement. Here’s what you can review:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks on your advertised deals
  • Distribution of travelers’ clicks to booking sites
  • Click-through rate

But don’t stop there! Always double-check that your profile’s Property Details are fresh and up to date.

#5. Is there a go-to resource for when I have questions about trivago Business Studio?

We’re always happy to give you a hand when you need it. We have a full set of FAQs for you on the trivago Support Center, covering topics related to trivago and trivago Business Studio.

Can’t remember how to upload photos to your profile? Need to update your property’s contact details? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

If you require special assistance, you can reach out to the Hotelier Support team via the trivago Support Center, too.

#6. How can I get trivago’s free booking link for my property?

When you’re registered on trivago Business Studio and have a connectivity provider that works with trivago, you can have a free booking link. This partnership allows trivago to receive your website rates and availability.

Once that technical setup is in place, your website rates will appear on trivago and linked to your booking page. When travelers click on those rates, you’ll lead them straight to your website. There’s no commission on direct bookings with trivago’s free booking link, either, but fees with your connectivity provider may apply.

There’s more to read about trivago’s free booking links when you click here.

#7. How can I drive more direct bookings?

Great question! trivago’s Rate Connect enables you to promote your website rates in travelers’ search results to drive direct bookings. Rate Connect supports three types of campaigns: pay-per-click, pay-per-booking, and pay-per-stay (their availability depends on the setup with connectivity providers).

You can find out everything there is to know about Rate Connect by clicking here.

#8. How can I reset my password for trivago Business Studio?

If you can’t remember yours for trivago Business Studio, don’t worry—it happens to the best of us. You can reset your password here.

Have a question about trivago’s products? Check out the FAQs on our Support Center.

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