6 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago

Every day we receive emails, phone calls, and instant messenger chats from hoteliers around the world who have questions they want to ask about trivago and growing their business online.

In this post, we’ll answer the top six most frequently asked questions about trivago and explain how you can increase your performance on trivago — your connection to millions of travelers.

#1. Is trivago a booking site?

No, it isn’t. trivago is a global hotel metasearch, and this is how it works:

Millions of travelers turn to us to find their ideal hotel by entering their hotel criteria, including location, number of stars, and price. Our metasearch engine then combs through deals on millions of hotels and other types of accommodations online in order to present these travelers with a clear, unbiased selection of hotel deals that perfectly match their requests.

When they select a hotel deal on trivago, we direct them to the advertiser of that deal–a third-party booking site or hotel website. That’s where they complete the booking process — not on trivago.

#2. Why does my hotel appear on trivago?

The booking sites you collaborate with are advertising your property on trivago and have provided us with content such as images and property details.

Should you need to change the name of your property, or update information related to it, simply register.

#3. Is trivago free?

Yes, trivago is free for you. It’s the online booking sites that pay for your hotel to be displayed as an advertisement-sponsored link on trivago.

Travelers make their hotel booking on the booking site they’ve selected, at no extra cost to guests or the hotel owner.

#4. Why can’t I find my property when I search on trivago?

To appear in travelers’ search results, you need to advertise your rates on at least one booking site.

Booking sites continuously optimize their hotel inventory strategies and, therefore, provide us with different hotel deals for each market separately. That’s why your hotel may appear available with rates on some localized websites but not on others.

To increase the chances of your hotel being discovered by travelers on trivago, consider increasing the number of online booking sites you work with, especially those in your local market.

For other reasons why your hotel may not be showing up in trivago search results, you can check out this article.

#5. How can I increase my performance on trivago?

trivago’s marketing platform enables you to take control of your success on trivago and boost your ranking in search results by taking advantage of promotional and analytical apps in a customizable space.

With free apps you can add, edit, and manage the content of your hotel profile, as well as monitor your performance on trivago with basic analytics.

We also offer paid apps to maximize your performance and drive direct bookings to your website.

#6. How can I register and assign my hotel for free on trivago?

You can reach the registration page by clicking here.

Claim your property’s trivago profile today.

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