Millions of travelers from across the world use trivago to find their ideal hotel online. You as a hotelier can use trivago as well, as an online marketing channel to reach all these travelers. And when you add your hotel to trivago, you can promote it to the growing number of hotel guests who begin their journey on metasearch.

It’s called metasearch marketing, and it’s now an essential online marketing activity for all hotel businesses.

On trivago, metasearch marketing begins with adding your hotel to trivago for free.

And here’s how it’s done:

How do I add my hotel to trivago?

Add your hotel to trivago using trivago Hotel Manager, the metasearch marketing platform designed to help hoteliers like you turn our users into your guests.

Here’s a look at trivago Hotel Manager (and if you click the image, the site will open in a new tab):

Hint: trivago Hotel Manager currently operates in 13 languages across 22 localized platforms, making it accessible to hoteliers from different countries around the world.

The registration page for trivago Hotel Manager looks like this:

Hint: The registration process is free, easy, and completed in just a few minutes.

Here’s the direct link to the registration page shown above: // You can also access it by clicking below:

What should I know about adding my hotel to trivago?

  • Adding your hotel to trivago is free
  • If you own or manage an alternative accommodation, you can add that
  • You can add multiple hotels at once, in case you own or manage more than one
  • If you don’t find your hotel during the registration process, don’t worry: It can be added later
  • As soon as you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to start building your hotel profile

What do I do after adding my hotel to trivago?

Once you’ve got your hotel set up with a profile on trivago, help make it shine.

trivago helps millions of travelers searching for their ideal accommodations. To get these travelers to view your hotel online, we suggest you complete your profile with high-quality hotel images, accurate hotel details, and engaging hotel descriptions.

Examples of high-quality hotel images:

Hint: An high-quality hotel image will be at least 2,000 pixels in width.

The goal is to optimize your profile to increase its visibility in trivago search results, and ultimately, inspire bookings for your hotel.

I’ve added my hotel to trivago, but it doesn’t appear to be available 

Accurate availability is a pivotal part of your hotel’s success on trivago. Here’s how your current availability is determined:

Any price displayed on our website by a booking site is an advertisement-sponsored link paid for by the travel agency or hotel advertiser. Due to the nature of the paid advertising model, online travel agencies continuously optimize the hotel inventory provided to us for each market separately. From a technical perspective, we verify that the advertiser connection for your hotel does exist.  And even when it exists, it may be enabled or disabled.

If your hotel does not appear to be available, your rates will not show for that particular date.

What can I do if my hotel is available, but isn’t showing on trivago?

#1 Consider increasing the number of booking sites you collaborate with, especially with local online travel agencies, as this increases the possibility of being discovered on trivago.

#2 Consider connecting your hotel through our Rate Connect system. Hotels with a direct connection through trivago can have availability and rates from their own website added to their trivago profile. When a traveler clicks on your rates, they’ll be taken directly to your hotel website to complete their (direct!) booking. Interested in Rate Connect? Click below to find out more:

#3 Ensure your hotel profile is continuously updated with high-quality photos, rich descriptions, and updated amenities using Hotel Manager, our free online platform for hoteliers.

Anything else I should know about metasearch marketing on trivago?

  • Metasearch marketing on trivago is a chance to reach millions of travelers online
  • Adding your hotel to trivago is free
  • Using trivago Hotel Manager to update and optimize your hotel profile is also free
  • There are already over 400,000 hoteliers around the world using trivago Hotel Manager
  • Optimized profiles (profiles with accurate and attractive content) receive 5 times more clicks
  • Registered hotels with top-ranked profiles get 35% of their bookings from travelers who found their hotels on trivago
  • Upgrading your profile to trivago Hotel Manager PRO grants you access to exclusive data on your competitors, plus advanced marketing features for your profile
  • Rate Connect enables you to list your direct website rates on trivago, so that you can drive direct bookings from your profile


If you want to add your hotel to trivago, upgrade your hotel profile, or start driving direct bookings, we can help. Click below to get started:

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And be sure to write to us in the comments section below. We’re always happy to hear from you!

A version of this aricle was originally published in June 2016. 


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