How to Register Your Property on trivago for Free

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Millions of travelers around the world use trivago to find their ideal accommodation online. You as a property owner or manager can use trivago as well, as an online marketing channel to reach all these travelers.

It’s called metasearch marketing, and it’s now an essential online marketing activity for all accommodation providers.

On trivago, metasearch marketing begins with registering your property so you can claim your profile for free.

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Why register to claim your property’s trivago profile?

trivago compares accommodation deals from hundreds of online booking sites. Your property will already have a profile on trivago if you’re partnered with at least one of those booking sites. They’ve provided us with content for your property, including images, basic information, and rates.

But is it the best content to make your property stand out? Probably not. As the owner or manager, you have the most accurate and complete information about your property. You can take the most inspiring images of your rooms and premises.

When you register your property, you yourself can manage the content of your profile and influence how it appears on trivago.

How to register your property on trivago and claim your profile for free

Claim your profile by registering for free on trivago Hotel Manager.

Here’s a look at trivago Hotel Manager (and if you click the image, the site will open in a new tab):trivago Hotel Manager homepageHint: trivago Hotel Manager currently operates in 13 languages across 22 localized platforms, making it accessible in countries around the world.

The registration page for trivago trivago Hotel Manager looks like this:

Hint: The registration process is free, easy, and completed in just a few minutes.

Register for free

What should I know about registering on trivago Hotel Manager?

  • Registering your property on trivago Hotel Manager is free. So is claiming and managing your property’s profile on trivago.
  • You will find and assign your property’s profile to your account during the registration process.
  • Registering on trivago is the same process for independent hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and other forms of alternative accommodations.
  • You can claim multiple profiles at once when you register, in case you own or manage more than one property.
  • You’ll be able to start managing the content of your profile right away.

What do I do after registering my property on trivago?

Influence how your property appears on trivago and how often it makes an impression by updating the content of your profile.

When updating your property details, be sure to use complete and accurate information and high-quality images.

Examples of high-quality hotel images:

Hotel collage

Hint: A high-quality hotel image will be at least 2,000 pixels in width.

The goal is to optimize your profile to increase its visibility in trivago search results, and ultimately, inspire bookings for your property.

I’ve registered my property on trivago, but it doesn’t appear to be available 

Accurate availability is a pivotal part of your property’s success on trivago. Here’s how your current availability is determined:

The rates that appear on trivago are advertisement-sponsored links paid for by the booking sites. Due to the nature of this paid-advertising model, booking sites continuously optimize their inventory and provide us with different hotels and properties for each market separately. That’s why your property may show rates on some localized websites but not on others.

Unfortunately, trivago doesn’t have any influence on this matter, because it’s at a booking site’s discretion whether to show a room rate or not.

What can I do if my property is available, but isn’t showing on trivago?

#1 Consider increasing the number of booking sites you collaborate with, especially with local online travel agencies, as this increases the possibility of being discovered on trivago.

#2 If you have a booking engine on your hotel website, consider advertising your website rates on your trivago profile with Rate Connect. When a traveler clicks on your rates, they’ll be taken directly to your hotel website to complete their (direct!) booking.

#3 Ensure your property’s profile is continuously updated with high-quality content.

Anything else I should know about metasearch marketing on trivago?

  • Metasearch marketing on trivago is your chance to reach millions of travelers in a single place.
  • Registering to market your property on trivago and claiming your profile are free.
  • Using trivago Hotel Manager to update and optimize your hotel profile, as well as to monitor your property’s performance and online reputation, is also free.
  • There are already over 500,000 hoteliers around the world who have claimed their properties’ profiles.
  • Optimized profiles (profiles with accurate and attractive content) receive twice as many clicks on average.
  • You can get a competitive edge for your property on trivago with exclusive data on your competitors and advanced marketing features for your profile.
  • Rate Connect enables you to list your direct website rates on trivago, so that you can drive direct bookings from your profile to your website.

Register your property on trivago today

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A version of this article was originally published in June 2016. 



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