5 Affordable Ways to Improve the Look of Your Hotel Rooms

Hotel guests love the comfort and little luxuries that a quality hotel stay can provide. When browsing for hotels online, travelers are seeking out rooms that suggest modern comfort and value for money. Naturally, better-looking hotel rooms lead to more click-outs on your hotel profile, and this means more bookings. It’s really as simple as that. So, how do you tackle those dated accommodations of yours without massive renovations? It’s actually easier than you think because it’s the small details that count most. Here are five cheap ways to update the look (and feel) of your rooms, encouraging travelers to book, not bounce, when they see your hotel online.

#1 Change patterned linens 

 Chain and independent hotels alike often suffer from tacky, patterned linens that also happen to be flat and synthetic. Don’t be one of them.

Guests want their hotel rooms to look and feel like quality. Since your hotel profiles and websites should be full of room images, the bed linens are one of the first things travelers see. Therefore, leverage this to impress them. To update your linens on a budget, swap old, patterned blankets for new, solid-coloured ones. Choose neutral tones, or go for plush, white duvets if you want to play it safe. White is practical for cleaning purposes and works to brighten up a room, making it feel more spacious.

TIP: According to Gallup.com’s study From Economy to Luxury, What Matters Most to Hotel Guests, travelers from all price ranges look for accommodations that have comfortable beds. The quality of your linens impacts their perception of comfort significantly. Choose textiles that are made of natural fibers, like cotton and down-feathers, over synthetics. Doing so doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, but it’ll improve profits as more and more guests are content with their stays and are likely to post positive reviews.

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#2 Paint walls with neutral tones

Many hotels need to update the look of their walls. Gone are the days of soft yellows, contrasting accent walls, and dated wallpaper patterns. Now you can give your hotel rooms a much-needed, inexpensive facelift by simply painting them with pale pastels or natural, neutral tones.

Guests value chic and modern interiors that feel warm and relaxing after a long trip. So much so that a trend has emerged among them on how to hotelify the home. That’s right, travelers love contemporary hotel interiors, and they want to incorporate them into their own home decor. Well-known interior decorating brands are doing their part by offering “luxury, hotel-quality paints” for regular purchase, conveniently available at your local hardware store.

TIP: Give them something to enjoy and open up your space with a lighter color palette and a couple of inexpensive but desperately needed coats of paint. Utilise sites like Pinterest, or design sites like Design School and Houzz to see professional color-palette ideas for free.

#3 Remove dated pictures 

You know the ones I’m referring to: they evoke little emotion, were probably fairly cheap to begin with, and they really have no relevance to your hotel’s design concept. It’s time to get rid of them.

Guests, now more than ever, are looking for memorable hotel stays and local experiences. Millennials, in particular, crave the unique. So, replace those old prints for local art, impactful photos of your destination, or vintage pieces that help to tell the story of your hotel and its surroundings. The best part is that it can be an inexpensive fix with a significant impact.

TIP: Local art can often be acquired on loan (at no cost) from a local gallery in exchange for cross-promotion in your space. On the other hand, impactful photos of your destination can be a do-it-yourself project. Have a decent photographer in the family or on staff? Ask them to take high-quality images of local landmarks and then print them locally and affordably. Deals can often be found on Groupon if you want to print these onto canvas. If you prefer eclectic and vintage pieces, head to the local flea market and garage sales to curate a collection that tells your hotel’s story.

#4 Invest in comfortable, modern chairs

Most hotels follow a classic concept to furnish rooms, and the chances are good that yours does too: a bed, two nightstands, a closet, a desk, and a chair. If the chair is vinyl covered or matches the carpet, it needs to go.

Guests want to relax when they’re staying at a hotel. The increasingly blurred line between business and leisure travel means that guests are working and trying to wind down on the same trip. Give them a chair that’s comfortable and modern looking. Many designers suggest natural fibers wherever possible, and feel free to mix textures. That’s not to say that plastic is ruled out altogether. When selecting new chairs, consider the contours and overall comfort because you’ll want to offer something that’s as functional as the form is attractive. It’s inexpensive to do, and it’s also bound to get noticed.

TIP: Feel free to mix and match colours or styles throughout your rooms so long as they fit your new, neutral, and soft-colour palettes. Check your local home furniture stores for seasonal deals and bulk-buy offers. Before purchasing multiple pieces, test one out to see how it looks in the room.

#5 Rearrange room layout 

A lot of hotels use a dated room layout and concept. If yours does, then dare to be different in order to catch travelers’ attention online.

A cheap and easy way to have your rooms stand out is by changing the flow of the room layout. This makes rooms appear inviting and unique, something that the modern traveler is definitely looking for when looking online for their ideal hotel. The best part? This is absolutely free for you to do. If you’re a thrifty hotelier, you have to give it a try.

TIP: Try moving sofas and chairs around so that they’re not all against one wall. Provide a true, suite-like look by placing the chair and desk against the window, or the sofa across from the bed. Juxtapose any signature furniture pieces and above all else, innovate and play with the cheapest of these hotel room tips to improve your look online.

How affordable are these 5 ways to improve the look of your hotel rooms?

Not sure just how cost-effective these ideas are? Consider the profit from an average night’s stay. Next, divide a per-room budget by that number to see how many nights it will take until you break even. Once you have that figure, feel free to increase or decrease your budget based on what’s reasonable. Then, start small with only a room or two so that you can test the impact that these inexpensive and effective design tips have on improving the look of your hotel rooms. Last but not least, don’t forget to photograph them and post them online to attract travelers’ attention.

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