3 of the World’s Most Inspiring Hoteliers

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In any business, success comes from drive and passion more than anything else. That said, motivation can wane at times. What better way to restore your focus and reinvigorate your imagination than to read about an inspiring role model? To help keep your motivation high in seasons to come, we’ve crafted a select list of inspiring hoteliers just for you.

Frank Fiskers is Inspiring Hoteliers Sustainability

Twitter @frankfiskers & @ScandicGlobal

Follow him if you appreciate no-nonsense management with a focus on eco-friendly sustainability. He’s considered to be one of the hottest people in the hotel industry for his ability to drastically grow the bottom-line through excellent asset management and award-winning sustainable practices. He’s inspiring hoteliers on twitter with his forthright, can-do attitude and sustainability insights.

Frank re-joined Scandic in 2013 after working with them for several years prior. Since then, he’s nearly doubled its size. Under Frank, Scandic holds roughly 30% of the Nordic region’s market share. If you’re a visual person, take a look at Scandic’s global Instagram for social inspiration.

Why we respect him: He’s a commercially-sound crusader for sustainable hotels.

Do you own or manage a chain hotel? Are you ramping up for a period of growth? Admire sustainability? If you answered yes to any of these, consider Frank as a choice role model, and Scandic as your brand muse. Over 20 years ago, Scandic coined the idea to “hang up your towel if you want to use it again” and spare the waste. Now, this practice is used by hoteliers across the globe. And that was just the beginning.

His specialty is growth-management through green initiatives and sustainability.

To grow the brand, Frank and Scandic aim to provide guests with more than just another hotel stay. They want guests to truly feel welcome while being a part of something that is sustainable for our environment. Every detail, from the bed to breakfast, is sustainable. This attention to detail resonates with business and leisure travelers, and it’s proven to be an award-winning strategy.

His brand ethos:  “…Sustainability is not a separate issue, but it is integrated into everything we do.

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Niki Leondakis Creates Concepts via Inclusive Management

Twitter @Niki_Leondakis & @TwoRoadsHotels

Follow her if you’re looking for a leader who understands how to empower employees. Leondakis is a serial hotelier who functions at a high caliber to achieve great success through creative solutions. Her ability to embolden employees will continue to support Two Roads Hotels‘ strategic growth and brand awareness. If you like one dose of motivation and two doses of hospitality insights, you’ll love her feed.

She joined Commune Hotels as its CEO in 2012 after almost 20 years with Kimpton. This September, Commune merged and now Leondakis runs Two Roads Hotels. Her strength? Culturally transforming the way people think about hotels, food and beverage, and guest experience.

Why we respect her: She has an inclusive approach to people management!

Her leadership style encourages creative solutions that cultivate a flexible and relevant brand. When challenged, Niki consults with staff from all levels to come up with the best solution. This helps Two Roads Hotels develop unique hotel concepts that would not otherwise be possible

Her specialty is people.

For Niki, the people around her need to feel empowered and happy. When it comes to staff, she fosters a creative and inclusive environment. This instills a sense of pride and ownership among staff. She believes  that everything is possible, for everyone. And this belief is central to the brand, both front and back-of-house.

Not only is the portfolio of Two Roads Hotels growing rapidly, they’re respected by guests, employees, and major industry players. A merger of Commune and Destination Hotels, the former, originally lead by Leondakis, was noted as one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ by Fortune because of this. If you’re looking to inspire staff and grow your business from the inside-out, take a page from her book.

Her business ethos “When you give permission to people to be their best selves, they will give us more, they’ll be more productive and we’ll attract better talent.”

Sonia Cheung is treating hospitality as an experience

Sonia, unlike the previous two inspiring hoteliers, doesn’t have a personal Twitter feed but Rosewood Hotels has one—check it out.

Twitter @RosewoodHotels

Follow Rosewood Hotels if you’re a Millennial moved by luxurious designs and snaps of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Their style is chic and unique, with an inspirational, photo-heavy feed.  Rosewood is determined to provide hotels that represent their surroundings, further enhanced with different experiences that complement the sense of place. If you follow them, you’ll find ways to involve your own selection of tastemakers, enriching the way you market your hotel’s destination.

Sonia Cheung, the CEO behind Rosewood, understands what Millennial travelers want. This is key in an industry where Millennials will soon make up the biggest buying demographic.

Why we respect her: She’s young, capable, and understands that marketing experiences to Millennials are where it’s at.

Rather than focusing on offering premium linens and newspapers, she aims to provide guests with an unrivalled experience.  Her approach is unique in that each Rosewood suits the soul and sensibilities of its location instead of a set in corporate style. The hotel offers activities to enhance guests’ experiences, connecting them with their surroundings. Because of this, Millennials, in particular, are flocking to the brand.

Her Specialty is treating hospitality as a relationship.

Hospitality, for Cheung, is all about relationships with people and places. Her concept of ‘relationship hospitality’ will nearly double the number of properties it runs before 2020. For Sonia, every hotel must be distinct, clearly reflecting its relationship with its surroundings as well. Now, Rosewood Hotels is well on its way to solidifying itself as an experience rather than just another luxury hotel chain.

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