What Winter Trends Do Hoteliers in Ireland Need to Know?

Are you still wondering which price strategy is optimal for your hotel this winter season? We have compiled and analyzed our data* to identify the biggest winter travel trends in Ireland. Insights into user search behavior and preferences go hand in hand with following best practices for marketing your property this season.

Where do visitors to Ireland come from?

Unlike in summer and autumn, the majority of travelers searching for destinations in Ireland are domestic travelers. To be exact, 58% of all search inquiries have been made by local travelers looking for a winter getaway.

Within the top ten visiting countries, consistent with other seasons, UK residents dominate the list with 59% of all inbound searches, followed by travelers from Germany, Italy, the US, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Map showing intrnational traffic share in Ireland

These ten countries account for approximately 90% of searches from overseas, to destinations in Ireland.

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What destinations are travelers searching for this winter?

Despite variations between the top ten destinations for domestic and international travelers, Dublin followed by Galway crown the list of the most sought-after cities for both groups.

Map showing the most popular destinations in Ireland for domestic travellers

Map showing the most popular destinations for international travellers in Ireland

Across the international markets, visitors are interested in destinations in North West Ireland such as Donegal Town, Letterkenny and Sligo Town. On the contrary, domestic travelers prefer provinces in Leinster and its medieval towns Kilkenny and Wexford.

What does the data say about traveler behavior?

Is your pricing strategy set based on prices of your competitors or maybe you offer your rooms at the lowest price possible to draw in a crowd of guests? Updating your strategy based on the most recent data is a crucial step towards maximizing hotel revenue.

We look deep into the search behavior data for travelers on trivago to release what are the prices domestic travelers click on.

Table showing traveller behaviour for domestic travellers

This winter, the average searched price reaches the level of €129 per night. However, rates significantly vary from city to city on the Emerald Isle. While travelers pay an average of €140 for a night in Dublin, the average clicked price ins second-most-popular city Galway is just €114 and in Wexford it drops to €96. In comparison to our Autumn 2017 Trends Report, the average clicked price of the most popular destinations has decreased by 15% this season.

What else does the data reveal? Locals making a winter escape are prepared to pay the most to visit Killarney, with the highest average total basket value of €211. Domestic travelers across all destinations won’t stay long, on average just one night.

hen it comes to visitors from overseas, the longest stayers are visitors from Brazil (eight nights on average), Italy, and Spain (both three nights on average). Spending behavior reveals that UK residents and Dutch travelers account for the biggest spenders, as they are willing to pay €140 and €134 per night on average, respectively.

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*data gathered from all trivago.com searches in Ireland between 1 December 2016 – 15 January 2018, for the period of 1 December 2017 – 28 February 2018. All prices shown are the average clicked prices selected by trivago users for a standard double room.

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