Webinar Replay | Independent Properties in the Online Marketplace

The latest joint webinar from trivago and Phocuswright explored the status of independent properties in the online marketplace — their business practices, tech usage, greatest challenges and roadblocks, and most promising opportunities.

In the session, titled “How well are independent hoteliers adapting to the digital age?”, expert panelists revealed:

  • The most effective marketing channels to promote an independent property on today
  • How nearly two-thirds of independent properties already drive direct bookings with metasearch, and how others can too
  • The essential technology that will help hoteliers balance their distribution mix, boost direct bookings, and battle growing costs of third-party reservations

Webinar attendees also received additional, equally crucial insights into how independent properties can improve their competitiveness online and reduce their OTA dependence.

Watch the webinar video replay

Those who missed the live event still have a chance to watch the full webinar recording.

A link to the webinar replay can be found on PhocusWire:


Watch the webinar


A few key webinar takeaways

For independent properties, online marketing spend is limited

Overall, independent properties invest less than 2% of their revenue in online marketing activities.

According to Jessica Neth, the expert panelist from trivago, working with such limited budgets presents significant challenges for independent properties, who are struggling to compete with the bigger players.

She highlighted that this meant that “Online marketing tools need to be as affordable as possible, channels need to be made as accessible as possible, and independent properties need to be investing in the marketing activities that will bring them the best results possible.”

Metasearch is one of the most effective marketing and distribution channels

Research presented in the webinar showed that nearly 90% of independent property owners and managers plan to maintain or increase their use of metasearch for visibility and bookings in the future.

Independent hoteliers cited multiple benefits of using metasearch, including:

  • Gaining wider visibility
  • Driving more direct bookings
  • Investing less money compared to other channels
  • Gaining dependence from OTAs
  • Using the CPC payment model

Cost, understanding, and awareness remain critical barriers to hotel tech adoption

While the panelists all agreed that technology is fundamental to an independent property’s success in the digital age, they also discussed the critical barriers preventing hoteliers from accessing it.

They went on to provide tips on how independent lodging providers can identify the best solutions for their properties, and which core pieces of technology they should start.

Watch the full video recording of the webinar at PhocusWire to get all the insights.

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