Wondering how hotel metasearch works and how trivago can generate bookings for your hotel?

You’re not alone! Many hoteliers don’t fully understand how hotel metasearch works, or how it can be used to grow a hotel’s direct and indirect bookings. But this short little video explains it all — check it out!

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Did you know that your hotel already has a profile on trivago?

That’s because trivago is a hotel metasearch, not an OTA.

So how does trivago work?

We collect and compare millions of hotel deals from hundreds of OTAs to present travelers with a clear, unbiased selection of offers that perfectly match their requests.

This is why millions of travelers around the world take the first steps on their online booking journey with us.

When they select a deal on trivago, we direct them to the OTA or your website that’s advertising it. That’s where they can complete the booking process.

That makes trivago your most valuable marketing channel, helping you increase your direct and indirect bookings with qualified traffic.

So, is your hotel profile attractive enough to turn lookers into bookers?

Welcome to trivago Hotel Manager!

Getting started on trivago Hotel Manager Basic is free, with registration taking just a few easy steps.

There’s no contract to sign and no commissions to pay, either.

trivago Hotel Manager Basic empowers you to take control of your existing hotel profile and fill it up with your Hotel Information.

That way, you can capture more attention from travelers looking for their ideal hotel at the best rate.

Our data shows that hoteliers who register and have a complete hotel on trivago Hotel Manager can receive on average five times more clicks from travelers…

And see up to 58% more bookings.

It’s time for you to join in on the success!

Open your doors to a world of travelers by registering your property for free today!

Still have questions about working with trivago to grow your hotel’s bookings? Go ahead and leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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