Harness data and take action in your hotel marketing strategy. This was the key takeaway from the trivago Industry Insights webinar for the West Midlands on 1 May.

When you understand the behaviours, wants and needs of travellers who are looking for hotels in your region, you are better equipped to entice them to book at your hotel.

  • Target travellers based on where they come from and what type of traveller they are
  • Customise your content according to what travellers want
  • Set attractive & competitive prices to appeal to travellers’ spending preferences

In an era in which travellers can choose from an enormous range of accommodation options and offers, data has never been more crucial to making your hotel stand out.

Download the trivago Industry Insights report for the West Midlands here


To recap on our marketing tips in more detail, watch the webinar again below.



If you want to access data specific to your hotel and learn more about how to become more competitive on trivago, follow the link below and one of our team will get in touch with you.

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