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Promote my website rates on trivago to drive direct bookings

I’m already registered on trivago, and I already have a booking engine. Now I want to drive direct bookings to my hotel website from trivago.

Take control of my hotel's profile on trivago for free

I’m new to metasearch. I want to take control of my profile on trivago for free, so that I can improve my online presence and increase my visibility.

Upgrade my profile to maximize my performance on trivago

I want to get access to exclusive data on my competitors and advanced marketing features for my profile, so that I can become more competitive on trivago.

A special note for hoteliers in the UK

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Phocuswright, the travel industry’s leading research firm, has partnered with us to conduct a new study on hotels. If you run an independent hotel in the United Kingdom or the United States, your insights are especially essential to this research.

Would you please support us with this research by participating in a survey? You'll receive the results of the survey and an expert research report ($499/£379 value).