trivago Hotel Price Index

As a leading global hotel metasearch, trivago is able to track and record rate fluctuations and pricing trends of over five million hotels and alternative accommodations from hundreds of booking sites.

To provide hoteliers with actionable insights into market dynamics, we offer the trivago Hotel Price Index as the go-to resource for the latest in pricing data.

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can check the average rate per night for a standard double room over the last 12 months in popular destinations worldwide.

trivago Hotel Price Index

How to use the trivago Hotel Price Index

Each tab offers a unique presentation of available data, allowing you to get a broad overview or go as detailed as you’d like. For example, you can focus on a specific region and months of the year, as well as select your preferred currency.

When you refer to the map and graph views, you’ll also be able to look at a city’s room rate year-on-year and month-on-month.

Map view:

Hover over a city on the map with your mouse to see the average room rate for the current month. The drop-down menu lets you look back on the previous months, too.

Graph view:

Hover over a data point to analyze how a city’s average room rate has evolved over the year. Has it remained steady, or has it fluctuated?

Table view:

Scroll down the list of cities for a quick evaluation of their average room rates. You have the option to add or remove months from the drop-down menu, too.

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