trivago’s Free Booking Links Bring Travelers and Hoteliers One Step Closer

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Direct bookings are music to a hotelier’s ears. So, what’s the best way to help travelers book directly with the accommodation that ticks all the right boxes? trivago’s free booking links will do the trick.

As trivago continues to reshape the way travelers search for and compare rates on metasearch, it’s also supporting independent hoteliers with the means to drive direct bookings their way.

So, what are trivago’s free booking links all about? Read on to find out why and how they can bring travelers and hoteliers one step closer.

A matter of choice

With five million hotels and alternative accommodations on trivago, one could argue that travelers are spoiled for choice when they search for the one meets their needs.

At the same time, they also want the option to choose between booking directly with an accommodation or an OTA. Regardless of the channel they opt for, trivago plays a critical role in enabling that preference.

Moreover, it puts trivago in the unique position to provide hoteliers with a special distribution channel for their website rates on metasearch.

So, where do trivago’s free booking links fit in the equation? They offer travelers and hoteliers the best of both worlds.

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A win-win for hoteliers and travelers

At a time when higher prices touch every aspect of daily life, travelers are going to be on the hunt for accommodations that won’t break the bank. Since trivago welcomes 60 million visits per month, independent hoteliers have a global audience of price-conscious travelers at their fingertips.

According to Matthias Tillman, trivago’s CFO, “we believe metasearch is well positioned in this environment, and we’ll focus on making it even easier for travelers to find great deals on our platform.”

And let’s not forget that travelers also want a seamless booking process—even better when they can book directly with the property. In fact, trivago research revealed that 44% of US travelers prefer to do just that.

When travelers on trivago click on a linked website rate in their search results, they’ll be redirected straight to the property’s booking page to complete the reservation process. And because direct bookings with a free booking link come at no cost, hoteliers also save on paying commissions for bookings they would have otherwise received through an OTA.

What’s more, a traveler’s first-party data with each direct booking give hoteliers the opportunity to build the guest relationship right from the start. This opens the doors to promoting personalized offers that can focus on upselling products, services, or even a higher room category that may not get booked.

A booking link without limits

Independent hoteliers aren’t restricted to how long they can have a free booking link on trivago, and they shouldn’t limit themselves, either.

For a boost in visibility on trivago, a simple upgrade to Rate Connect can help hoteliers grab more attention from travelers and their direct bookings—same booking link, more prominence.

How can independent hoteliers get a free booking link?

Any independent hotelier registered on trivago Business Studio, whose connectivity provider works with trivago, can have a free booking link. That technical setup allows us to receive a property’s website rates and availability from the connectivity provider in order to activate the free booking link.*

When you’re registered on trivago Business Studio, log in to find out if your free booking link is already active on trivago.

If you see that the status is “Pending:”

  • First, reach out to your connectivity provider and request to have your website rates and availability connected to trivago.
  • Then, activate your free booking link in your Business Studio.

Once the technical setup is in place, your website rates will be on trivago and linked to your booking page.

Sounds interesting, but you still have a few more questions about trivago’s free booking links? Our Hotelier Support team will be happy to give you a hand. You can reach out to them by clicking here.

Not registered on trivago Business Studio yet? No problem. You can get started hereit’s free!

*Connectivity provider fees may still apply.

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