What’s New with trivago Business Studio: Q4 2019

trivago Business Studio brings marketing and promotional tools for hoteliers in one place so you can enjoy more visibility and bookings and stay a step ahead of your competition in the hospitality industry.

In this quarterly update for trivago Business Studio, we share with you our most recent rollouts and updates:

A new marketing platform

2019 was a game-changing year, in terms of digital analytics and promotional tools that we offer to independent hoteliers who want to improve their online marketing performance.

We officially launched a new marketing platform, trivago Business Studio and bid adieu to our old platform, trivago Hotel Manager.

In Q4, we successfully migrated all users of trivago Hotel Manager to trivago Business Studio. In this new platform, we offer digital technologies for every type of accommodation. All properties now have a chance to perform better online with the help of marketing tools available at their own customizable space in trivago Business Studio.

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Rate Connect users can assess their direct-rate availability

In Q4, we introduced a new trackable KPI, Rate Unavailability, so that Rate Connect users can improve their chances of increasing the proportion of their direct bookings.

If you’re running a Rate Connect campaign, you’ll be notified if your direct rates aren’t displayed in a significant number of searches on trivago. The notification of high rate unavailability indicates that your chances to get direct bookings are low and this could be due to not having enough rooms allocated to Rate Connect via your technical provider.

To learn more about Rate Connect and how you can drive direct bookings, click here.

A simpler and more efficient way to use Special Offer

Special Offer enables accommodation advertisers to post enticing offers on their profiles to catch the attention of and encourage bookings from travelers.

To make the Special Offer app easy-to-use for hoteliers, we now have offers that can simply be selected, customized, and posted in a few clicks. The new Special Offer with its updated design helps hoteliers easily post offers that are in-demand, clear, and precise. What’s more, these offers are pre-translated, making it easier and cost-effective for you to promote your property in over 30 languages across trivago’s 55 localized sites to gain greater customer reach. Now, you can worry less about crafting and promoting your offers while ensuring a great search experience for travelers.

To know how you can use the Special Offers app separately or as a part of a cost-effective package, PRO, click here.

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Bug fixes

With the launch of the whole new platform, several bugs were inevitable. In Q4, we ran rigorous quality checks and actively listened to hoteliers’ concerns in order to handle the most pressing issues efficiently and seamlessly.

We continue to improve reliability across the whole platform, from app-performance management to customer support, so that you continue receiving more visibility, bookings, and success in the hospitality industry.

Connect with us

For any questions and/or doubts, reach out to us. Here’s how you can contact trivago if you’re a hotelier.