Interview with trivago Award-Winning INNSIDE by Melià New York NoMad

Last November we revealed the recipients of the trivago Awards 2019: the winning hotels and alternative accommodations providing the best guest experiences and online booking journeys to today’s travelers.

Now we’d like to introduce some of the hard-working and forward-looking hoteliers behind these award-winning properties. The aim of these interviews is twofold: Both to recognize the passion and dedication required of running a hotel, as well as to bring to light the common challenges all hoteliers are facing.

For this issue, we spoke with Andrew Soares, Digital Sales and Marketing Manager of trivago Award-winner INNSIDE by Melià New York NoMad.

The digital sales and marketing manager of an award-winning hotel on success, struggles, and the importance of metasearch in running a hotel business 

trivago: Congratulations on being awarded as a number one hotel in this year’s trivago Awards: Direct Bookings! How do you feel about this achievement and to what do you attribute your success?

“We at Innside are extremely proud of this honor that trivago has bestowed upon us. This achievement is just a testament of how hard everyone here at the hotel works to make this a great place to stay for our guests. From the operations team who make the interpersonal connections with our guests and are the true face of the hotel to the behind-the-scenes staff who ensure that we remain competitive and profitable in an ever-changing market, all of the associates of the hotel play a pivotal role in our property’s success.”

This achievement is just a testament of how hard everyone here at the hotel works to make this a great place to stay for our guests.

What is the main challenge you are currently facing as a hotelier?

“I would say that the main challenge that we face as a hotelier, especially in New York City, is the wide variety of options that prospective guests have when they choose to book a stay in our city. Being a lesser-known brand in a high-demand area that has the more well-known brands requires a special level of attention to our guests. Additionally, the supply of hotel rooms in New York is growing faster than ever before, and with all the new hotels opening up across the cityscape, we need to find more creative and inventive ways to set ourselves apart and really carve out our own niche in the New York market.”

The hotel industry is getting increasingly digital. How have you adapted to keep up with the changes?

“One thing we have learned about with the passing of time is that mobile devices have almost become an extension of the self. Now, more than ever, guests are using their mobile devices to book and find hotel rooms when they travel, and having a strong mobile presence is essential to securing the business from travelers. We are constantly looking for ways to make our mobile sites more user-friendly and make the booking experience better for the public coming into New York City.”

What role does metasearch play in improving your hotel’s online visibility and in increasing your online bookings?

Metasearches play a huge factor in getting more eyes onto the hotel.

“Metasearches play a huge factor in getting more eyes onto the hotel. With Google becoming part of the lexicon of the 21st century, we notice that hotel shopping typically starts with a Google search. We are always looking for ways to improve our search listings with search engine marketing and with keywords that we believe will resonate best with our prospective guests and increase their desire to stay at our hotel.”

Andrew, thank you for this interview, and congratulations once again on your trivago Award!

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