The trivago Awards Are Almost Here: Are You a Contender?

As you’re reading this, we’re busy determining which are the best hotels across the UK and Ireland. The decision will be based on over 175 million reviews—and because we’re a hotel metasearch and therefore an independent entity, you know our selection will be unbiased and accurate. This Autumn, we’ll reveal in the annual trivago Awards blog post who represents the best of the best in British and Irish hospitality.

The top hotels in each of our award categories serve as a role model for the industry and an inspiration to others in providing exceptional service, excellent value, and extraordinary overall customer experience.

Stay tuned, because the winners of this year’s trivago Awards will be announced on 14 November.

In the meantime, you can learn about the different categories open to British and Irish hotels and what qualifies them for consideration by reading on below.


Why does this category matter? As the adage goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Not surprisingly, that holds true when people are travelling as well. Numerous polls have been conducted over the years and time and time again, hotel guests rank free breakfast offers as their most valued. But providing a complimentary breakfast alone isn’t going to cut it. Ultimately, it’s a quality breakfast that gets noticed.

What do award-winning hotels do: The best-rated hotel breakfasts being considered for this year’s trivago Awards all have one thing in common: quality and variety that guests hunger for long after they’ve checked out.

How can I improve my hotel offerings? Hotels like yours typically cater to a range of guests, from Millennials seeking new experiences to business travellers looking to seal a deal. So it’s important to tailor your breakfast options, too.

Maybe you have a table with self-service espresso and complimentary newspapers. Or maybe your morning fare is beloved for the fresh goat cheese, eggs, and milk that come from the neighbouring farm. Perhaps you provide a cosy sitting area for long, leisurely buffet breakfasts.

Whatever the angle, clever hoteliers and quality accommodations take their breakfasts up a notch. The hotels with the best breakfasts make sure it’s not just the most important meal of the day, but also the most hearty, delicious, and memorable. Don’t just feed your guests first thing in the morning—treat them with plenty of options, and they’ll love you for it.

Value for Money

Why does this category matter? More than anything, guests want to know they’re getting value for their money when they book a room. When a hotel delivers exceptional value, guests are going to notice.

What do award-winning hotels do: Providing high-perceived value—without compromising profitability—is something that top-rated hotels excel at. Some things that hoteliers may consider a luxury are just the bare minimum to guests. For example, sample-size shampoos and a hairdryer are not extras—they’re necessities.

The hotels contending for the trivago Awards know this. They offer additional perks, benefits, and services that don’t break the bank, but do carry high-perceived value and greatly enhance the guest experience. Hotels that surprise and delight guests are the most memorable.

How can I improve my hotel offerings? If you’re looking for ideas on how to offer more value for money, check out this blog post. It’s full of suggestions on how to surprise and delight guest and receive glowing 4- and 5-star reviews as a result.


Why does this category matter? From budget stays to penthouse suites, there are a few universal expectations when it comes to hotel rooms. The room must be clean, and the bed must be comfortable.

What do award-winning hotels do: Hotels that look unique—and not dated or kitsch—stand out in the minds of guests. trivago Awards will be going to hotels with rooms that get noticed by guests, have decors that reflect the local culture, and/or exude luxury.

How can I improve my hotel offerings? If you already have clean and comfortable rooms, you can start investing in extras that will make your hotel room even more attractive.

A grand, vintage wall mirror or plush pillows with different textures can help to improve the look and feel of your rooms. It’s all about the accent pieces when it comes to elevating your room offerings.

If budget is an issue but you desperately want to give your rooms a visual update, try these tips.


Why does this category matter? When a hotel goes the extra mile to be personable and provide a memorable experience, it gets noticed. A recent study by Help Scout revealed that while 80 percent of companies said that they provided “superior” customer service, only a tenth of their customers agreed. Chances are good that you could give your service a boost as well.

What do award-winning hotels do: Great hotels anticipate customer needs. Award-winning hotels go above and beyond the usual front desk meet-and-greet by empowering their staff to act in the best interests of the guests—always.

Perhaps the client is craving the special on last season’s menu, or maybe they’ve spilled coffee on their shirt the night before a big meeting. Whatever the need, top hotels never respond with “no.” Instead, they whip up that special, even if it means sourcing special ingredients. And they not only offer to take your shirt to the cleaner’s, they have one on hand for you and it’s just your size.

How can I improve my hotel offerings? Put yourself in the guest’s shoes. What could they need? The shampoo hotels typically offer is way too small. The conditioner is nowhere near enough for guests with long hair. The hair dryer is good, but what if your guest forgot their straightener? You can dramatically improve your guest’s stay (and be considered for the trivago Awards) by thinking about their needs before they do.

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Alternative Accommodations

Why does this category matter? Sometimes people want to get away and stay someplace a little less conventional, a little less traditional or mainstream. Travelers now live for experiences and unique moments more than ever. They’ve got their sights set on places and accommodations that will earn them bragging rights among friends, family, and social media connections.

What do award-winning hotels do: Top hotels competing for the trivago Awards in this category, regardless of whether they’re independent or part of a chain, understand the importance of standing out.  They focus on their USP (unique selling point) and put it at the forefront of all their marketing activities. Being “alternative” could mean anything from changing up room concepts to providing unique itineraries, but whatever it is that makes these accommodations unlike any other in the industry, they’re not afraid to provide travelers with a singular experience.

How can I improve my hotel offerings? If you have a vacation rental property, a bed and breakfast, or any other kind of alternative accommodations, make the unique element that sets you apart your core focus. Enhance the benefits that only your type of property can offer by investing in them. Look at the specific lifestyle that your accommodations support to identify and prioritize areas of improvement. Then give the world a glimpse into the magical moments guests can expect from such a unique stay (and be sure to deliver them) by showcasing them with your digital marketing.

Note that in addition to the above-mentioned categories, the trivago Awards will go out to the best-in-class: 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels. These hotels are awarded for excelling in every aspect of guest experience and getting the best customer reviews from travelers.

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