6 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Hotel Manager PRO

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The hotel guest’s customer journey has moved online, and with it, a hotel’s booking opportunities — prompting hoteliers around the world to race to secure a competitive edge for their properties online.

To help hoteliers triumph in this challenge on trivago, our developers built trivago Hotel Manager PRO. With PRO, hoteliers get instant access to the data they need to outperform their competition, plus the promotional tools they want to elevate their online reach and guest appeal.

Curious to find out more about this simple upgrade? Read the answers to the top questions hoteliers ask about trivago Hotel Manager PRO.

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1.    What is trivago Hotel Manager PRO?

trivago Hotel Manager PRO is the upgraded version of trivago Hotel Manager. It was specifically designed to help you attract and win over more guests on trivago.

Here’s a rundown of the premium data and marketing features you receive with PRO:

  • Rate Insights to strengthen your pricing strategy
  • Visitors’ Profile to target your global audience
  • Special Offers to catch the attention of and motivate bookings from travelers
  • Prominent contact details to encourage travelers to contact you directly

Each feature works in conjunction with the rest, creating one holistic, integrated solution that’s as easy to use as it is effective.

2.    How will PRO help me promote my hotel on trivago?

With your promotional tools — Special Offer and Prominent contact details — you can increase your exposure, stand out in search results, and inspire travelers to book with you.

You can also leverage the data in your Visitors’ Profile to identify and target your global audience, and the data in your Rate Insights to set more attractive room rates.

3.    How will PRO help me beat my hotel competitors?

Your PRO account gives you access to comprehensive data on your competitors — their room rates, audience demographics, and online reputation. PRO also enables you to access the same data for your own hotel business.

Armed with these insights you can strengthen your hotel pricing strategy, identify new markets and traveler segments to target, and improve your online reputation.  In other words, you can outperform your competitors.

Your promotional tools help here, too. By promoting free and discounted services or nice gifts with your Special Offer tool, you give travelers compelling reasons to choose you — and not your competitors.

4.    How will PRO help me increase my hotel bookings?

Hoteliers with PRO have seen on average a 21% increase in the clicks they receive on their trivago profiles. They’ve also seen a 45% increase in hotel bookings on average.

By actively taking advantage of all the data, insights, and tools you have with PRO, you give your hotel a strong competitive edge on trivago. And with that advantage, you’re in a position to drive similar  — or even better — results for your own property.

5.    How much does trivago Hotel Manager PRO cost?

The price of the annual subscription to PRO is tailored to your property (or properties) and charged at a flat rate. There are no additional commissions or fees to pay.

And when you upgrade to PRO, you’ll receive the first month free as an introductory discount.

To check the price, click the following link:


Check Price


6.    How can I get trivago Hotel Manager PRO for my hotel?

PRO is a simple upgrade to your existing trivago Hotel Manager account.

And upgrading to PRO is incredibly easy, fast, and something you can do yourself for your property. The link below will take you directly to the upgrade page in your account:


Ugrade now


Have more questions about trivago Hotel Manager PRO? Go ahead and leave them in the comments section below.

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