After the success of our first webinar with Tnooz, we’re teaming up again to present a second exclusive free trivago-Tnooz TLearn webinar for hoteliers: “Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology—Here’s How.”

 In this TLearn webinar you’ll learn:

  • How hoteliers are missing out on bookings by not leveraging available technology
  • Why hoteliers need to get online as quickly as possible
  • What difficulties hoteliers are facing when using technology—and how they can be overcome
  • Why it’s important to automate different stages of the guest experience, starting with the online journey
  • How hoteliers can utilise online technology to create a seamless booking experience
  • How hoteliers can manage multiple vendors and distribution channels simultaneously


Technology represents one of hoteliers’ greatest struggles today. The online technology market is cluttered with booking engines that are unattractive and more likely to compel travellers to bounce than book, marketing platforms that aren’t tailored to fit the hoteliers’ limited amount of time and marketing expertise, and digitalised management systems that require a significant financial investment—not to mention how complex they are to set up and integrate with booking engines and channel managers.

In short, hoteliers are overwhelmed with technology options that appear inaccessible, expensive, and difficult to adopt.

But with the right technology and with real support on how to implement and utilise it, hoteliers can streamline their operations and enhance their online marketing activities; optimising the entire guest experience and driving more direct bookings as a result.

Join trivago and Tnooz on June 8 for our free English-language TLearn webinar on why hoteliers are losing out on bookings by not capitalising on technology at every stage of the traveller’s online journey, and how they can change this to be able to succeed in a market that’s becoming more and more competitive and an industry that’s becoming increasingly digitalised.

Panellists for this TLearn Webinar are:

  • Aly Thompson, Industry Manager for UK and Ireland, trivago
  • Martin Cowen, Moderator, Tnooz
  • Kevin May, Senior Editor, Tnooz


Register now here and mark your calendar: THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 17:00 CEST


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