The Importance of Property Details to a Hotel’s Online Performance

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It’s an indisputable fact that the importance of photos and reviews set expectations and significantly affect travelers’ decisions. Yet, they’re just small parts of a bigger picture. The first step in promoting your property to prospective guests on trivago is by adding all the property details to your trivago profile.

So, which ones do you have to include in order to take full advantage of trivago’s technology and encourage bookings? To figure that out, you have to understand what travelers are looking for.

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The modern traveler’s search process

Once travelers have settled on their destination and budget, the next step to find the ideal accommodation is to narrow down their options. Travelers have a specific image in mind for the one that adheres to certain preferences, for example the type of accommodation, facilities, and services. But how do you show travelers that your property is the perfect fit?

The easiest and most concise way is through your property details, also known as metadata. Metadata is the technical term for all the information related to your property, from the check-in policy to parking options.

Leading travelers to you

Property details became significant with the evolution of metasearch sites like trivago. At a time when choice and price are important factors for travelers, these sites enable them to search vast inventories of accommodations, filtering and tailoring the results to find the one whose attributes match their needs.

On trivago, we aim to simplify the search process for millions of travelers by linking the metadata to an advanced filter system. When a traveler indicates specific criteria (let’s say Wi-Fi), our metasearch engine then combs through the database of accommodations in the selected destination and presents the traveler with only the ones that indicate they offer Wi-Fi. Hoteliers who don’t indicate this detail on their trivago profile won’t be displayed in the search results. In turn, they automatically lose out on the opportunity of being seen and being booked.

Don’t miss out on bookings

Property details are a simple yet integral part of your online performance—they’re neither fancy nor complicated. However, if you neglect them, you can easily miss out on travelers booking with you.

So, which property details do you have to add to your trivago profile? The answer is a simple one: every single detail that applies.

Log in to trivago Business Studio and go to the Basic information section under Property Details. You can add new amenities and services or remove the ones that are no longer available.

What’s more, you can show your contact information, including your email address and the link to your website on your profile. That way, potential guests on trivago can reach out to you with ease.

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