3 Global Travel News Sites that Hoteliers Need to Read

Hotels big and small benefit significantly when their managers are up to date on the latest global travel trends and news. When major industry players announce acquisitions of smaller brands or launch new applications for hoteliers and hospitality professionals, you need to know, as such happenings can without a doubt impact your business. When you’re in the know, you’re able to get ahead of your competition, take advantage of the latest products that will streamline your daily business, and maybe even cut down on costs while boosting profitability.

But there’s a plethora of global travel news sites out there, and sorting through them all can be tedious. Here are three that my colleagues and I consider to be extremely professional, relevant, and easy to understand. I suggest that you check them out and sign up for their newsletters to receive the latest news straight to your email.


In their own words, Skift is “defining the future of travel,” and we’d have to agree with them on that one. Skift covers the latest industry news in an up-to-the-minute fashion, which means you can rely on them. That’s a powerful thing in the world of media and online information. And that’s just Skift getting started.

Skift is the largest intelligence outlet in the travel industry providing the latest in “Media, Insights, and Marketing.” I want to draw your attention to the insights in particular. Skift is an information powerhouse, and their availability to decipher and dissect the latest media tidbits, news, and marketing movements in travel is praiseworthy, to say the least. Their penchant for analysis and attention to detail make them a perfect companion for the hotelier.

Although they never shy away from in-depth data and complex trend predictions, their writing style is clear and professional, making their site easy to navigate and understand. The best part? The Skift Take, which sums up breaking news and their analysis of it in a couple sentences and in layman’s terms. If you’re a busy and ambitious professional in the travel industry, then this website is for you.


Hotel Marketing’com (as they write it) is a travel news aggregator and a major player when it comes to working with powerful industry news sources. On a typical day, their site publishes tens— if not dozens—of breaking news pieces covering the latest in travel intelligence. They work with hundreds of different news sources to get key information to you, the hotel professional. The quality of their information is excellent and the clean and simple format of the posts read like more like briefings than editorial articles; it’s pure news that you’re getting.

In a world of bias and quantity, HotelMarketing’com really stands out for their quality-driven content. Every time I read one of their briefs, I walk away having learnt something. It’s an excellent resource for hoteliers and industry professionals who have more work than hours in the day, as it reads quickly and is to the point. If you appreciate a clean style and clear facts, this is your must-read travel news site.

I try to consult Hotel Marketing’com at least once a day, usually in the afternoon, to stay on top of the world of travel news.


Tnooz is unlike any other travel news site I’ve consulted. And I consult them regularly. Their coverage of travel technology news, releases, and product reviews may very well be unrivaled (I have yet to find better). Tnooz is well respected in the industry. They provide detailed coverage and analyses of all things hospitality and tourism, in addition to educational content and a wide coverage of the latest travel industry business services.

If you want to know how to streamline your day-to-day hotel operations, get in on the latest hotel tech, and take advantage of unique beta product releases, then you want to follow Tnooz.

Armed with relevant information, updates, and insights, hoteliers can get ahead of the trends and discover new tools and methods that can significantly impact the success of their hotel.

So, what travel news sites are you reading? Find topics on any of the above that you want to further discuss with me and my colleagues?