What’s New with trivago Business Studio: Q1 2020

All of us on the trivago Business Studio team know that these are challenging times. Therefore, we’re working hard (within the safe, social distance of our own homes) to build and improve hotel marketing and analytical tools within Studio. We hope our consistent efforts help you enjoy more online visibility and stay a step ahead of your competition once the hotel industry returns to normal.

In this quarterly update for trivago Business Studio, we share with you our most recent rollouts and updates:

Automated market selection in Rate Connect

We’ve launched a new feature in Rate Connect called automated market selection to make marketing online easier for independent hoteliers.

This means that now you can allow the markets where your direct rates are promoted to be selected automatically. Such a market selection will be dynamic, based on current trends, and optimized specifically for your campaign to target markets with the highest potential. You can turn on automated market selection in the Markets tab and can go back to manual market selection at any time.

Pause and resume your Rate Connect campaign

In another feature rollout for Rate Connect, users can now easily pause and resume their campaign.

To pause your campaign, click the Pause Campaign button found in the Settings tab. When your campaign is paused, your direct rate won’t appear on trivago and your budget won’t be consumed. You can resume your campaign at any time by clicking the Resume Campaign button found in the Settings tab.

New offers in Special Offer

We’ve added 6 new, great offers to your Special Offer app as a result of your feedback and travel trends. These are Cake and coffee, Dinner, Glass of wine, Public transportation, Kayak rental, and Special keepsake. These special offers can help you grab travelers’ attention and delight them with attractive deals.

In addition to these 6 offers, we’ve also added 3 offers specific to COVID19 in your app so that you can adapt to the current situation. For example, offers like Free cancellation and Hero discount can help you attract future travelers and inspire them to book with you now.

Coming soon: the new launchpad

We’re in the process of deploying a user interface overhaul in the Studio platform. This means that soon you’ll be able to enjoy improved usability and new functionalities for better navigation, along with a more modern and responsive user interface for an enhanced experience.

Connect with us

We continue to improve reliability across the whole platform, from app-performance management to customer support.

For any questions and/or doubts, reach out to us.