Hotels Can Publish Special Offers to Attract Travelers on trivago

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A feature update to trivago’s marketing platform enables hotel advertisers to publish Special Offers on their profiles to catch the attention of and encourage bookings from travelers on the site. Claude Paradis, one of the creative minds behind this update, provides hoteliers with some insights into the benefits of the feature and how they can can use it to increase their bookings.

Having infinite choices is both a blessing and a curse in this consumerist age. Yes, it’s nice to have options. But for a traveler looking for the ideal hotel on a metasearch site, having an overwhelming number of virtually identical deals to choose from can be, well, overwhelming. Which is why the final decision can end up being an arbitrary one — unless the traveler sees something on a hotel profile that makes it their obvious choice.

Something like a special offer from the hotel.

“We recognized that a Special Offer can impact the booking decision.”

We created the Special Offer feature because we recognized the impact it can have on the traveler’s booking decision. It’s a way for hoteliers to further strengthen their hotel’s position on trivago and to provide travelers with a compelling reason to book with them.

And because the Special Offer appears next to the hotel’s contact details, it opens the direct channels of communication between hotel and guest right at the start of the booking journey.

To make publishing a Special Offer as easy as possible, we created templates for hoteliers to use based on common hotel offerings that are popular among different types of travelers. The templates are already available in over 30 languages, so hoteliers are readily able to promote Special Offers to foreign travelers in international markets.

Here’s a look at the traveler types we’ve identified, along with a few template suggestions for publishing the most enticing Special Offer to convince them to book.

(Tip: Not sure which traveler types are interested in your hotel? Check out your Visitors’ Profile in the PRO Package.)

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The business traveler

As the traveler’s company foots the bill for a business trip, this type of guest will be interested in the perks not covered by their per diems. A discount on getting their meeting attire cleaned and pressed could very well speak to them. So could a free drink at the end of a demanding day.

Special Offer template suggestions: Discount on laundry service; Free drink

The business-leisure traveler

To appeal to the growing segment of so-called “bleisure” travelers, consider promoting a more gratifying Special Offer: Free sauna use, anyone? The bleisure traveler might also appreciate any of the Special Offers targeting weekend or vacation travelers (read on below).

Special Offer template suggestions: Free sauna use, Discount on select spa treatments

The weekend traveler

When craving a change of scenery, weekenders will jet off (or drive) to a different city or even country for a few days. Or perhaps a simple staycation at a hotel in their hometown would suffice. Whatever the motivation for the mini getaway, these short-term guests may be happy to know that, with a hotel’s Special Offer, they can park their car, get transportation from the airport, or bring along their pet — at no extra charge.

Special Offer template suggestions: Free parking; Free airport shuttle, Pets stay for free

The romantic-getaway weekend traveler

A Special Offer of a free bottle of wine or dinner for two can help imbue a romantic weekend getaway (or a honeymoon) with that much more romance. They can also help convince romance-seekers that a hotel is the perfect spot for a little weekend escapade.

Special Offer template suggestions: Discount on dinner for two; Bottle of wine

photo collage: champagne, gift basket, laundry, bike, dinner

The special-occasion weekend traveler

Travelers may choose to stay at a hotel to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or seasonal holiday (New Year’s Eve comes to mind). The Special Offers that can really put the “special” in “special occasion” will have a good chance of resonating with this traveler type.

Special Offer template suggestions: Bottle of champagne; Gift basket

The vacationer or holiday traveler

People traveling on vacation can generally be split into two categories: those traveling kid-free, and those traveling with young children. For the former, pretty much all the Special Offers that would appeal to weekend travelers would strike a chord here as well.

When it comes to travelers who have a family with small children in tow, another set of Special Offers might be more appropriate and appealing.

The traveling-with-family vacation traveler

Any deals, discounts, or perks that would make traveling with children as hassle-free and affordable as possible would also make for compelling Special Offers to promote to families booking a vacation.

Special Offer template suggestions: Kids stay for free; Kids eat for free

The economical vacation traveler

While vacations are often a splurge, many travelers will jump at the chance to save some money or make a dollar go further. Which is why Special Offers promoting free stuff can be so effective.

Special Offer template suggestions: Free dinner; Free laundry service

The international traveler

Hoteliers who wish to appeal to a wider audience of global guests can look to the Special Offers that speak to travelers from abroad — and really, any of the above traveler types may also fall into the category of international traveler.

Special Offer template suggestions: Local specialty; Free airport shuttle; Free bike rentals

Whether a hotelier writes their own Special Offer or decides to use a template, this feature will help increase the hotel’s visibility in trivago search results and make it stand out among a sea of competitors. Most important, it will serve to encourage bookings for the hotel.

Hoteliers interested in publishing Special Offers on their profiles on trivago can learn more about the feature and the full benefits of a PRO package account in “The PRO Effect: Driving More Guests to Your Hotel.” They can request a free consultation there, too.

Readers can find more hotel marketing insights, news on feature updates, and advice for driving direct bookings right here on our blog.


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