How Special Offer Can Help You Entice Today’s Guests

Today’s guests have a spectrum of choices available when booking accommodations in the digital world. This is why they trust hotel-comparison metasearch sites that show hotels’ prices and availability in real-time. It’s so popular these days that nearly 75% of travelers are believed to use metasearch sites in their search process.

This has made metasearch a critical component in the online hotel marketing landscape. Since trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch (and a marketing channel for you), registering your property on trivago for free can help you reach millions of travelers who turn to trivago for searching their ideal accommodation.

And now you can not only reach but also entice and win over these travelers with Special Offer for better conversions and more bookings. In this article, we’ll explore how the Special Offer app can be your next step in metasearch hotel marketing and help you entice today’s guests.

What today’s guests want

In today’s digital world, travelers expect intuitive and immersive experiences right from the time they start looking for hotels. And it doesn’t stop there. The spoiled-for-choice travelers of today prefer and pick hotels that offer much more.

So, what exactly is a hotel guest looking for and which trends are notably influencing their travel decisions?

Let’s find out the top guests’ expectations and how Special Offer can help you delight the travelers of today.

1.  Global tourism

International tourism is on the rise, with tourist arrivals forecasted to exceed 1.8 billion by 2030. This means you have a huge market at your disposal, with travelers more inclined to staying longer and spending more.

And now you can tap into this highly profitable international market with Special Offer.

Promoting global tourism with Special Offer

Your promotional app can help you attract international travelers not only by making your trivago profile stand out in a sea of listings in search results but also by displaying your special offer in the language your potential guests speak and understand. All the special offers are already available in 35+ languages, which means you don’t have to worry about spending resources on translations to fuel the internationalization initiatives of your brand.

2.  Bleisure travel

In pursuit of exploring new places and improving work-life balance, business travelers are increasingly extending their work-related travel into a leisure trip. Hence, the origin and rise of bleisure travel. It’s so common these days that 68% of travelers blend business with pleasure between one and three times a year.

For bleisure travelers, adding fun components to the trip, having a companion or even the family tag along, can make the trip more enjoyable and less stressful. And you’ll find appealing special offers in your app that will certainly appeal to this segment of travelers you don’t want to miss out on.

Enticing bleisure travelers with Special Offer

Let’s assume there’s an annual conference coming up in your city, and you know from experience that bookings from business travelers will come in for it. Now’s your chance to encourage bleisure travelers to extend their stay with you.

A free bike rental or public transportation ticket, along with your top tips, will certainly help bleisure travelers have fun discovering your location and its hidden gems.

If you’re a family-friendly establishment with a restaurant, a special offer that promotes kids eat or stay for free can help clinch the deal for you.

3.  Experiential travel

Experiential or immersion travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by actively and meaningfully engaging with its history, people, culture, food, and environment.

It’s so popular these days that in one survey, 67% of high-income travelers said they would rather spend money on activities than a nicer hotel room.

With consumers gravitating toward purchasing experiences rather than products, you should focus on selling more than just rooms. Many special offers in your app can help you set the stage for an immersive experience.

Inspiring experiential travel with Special Offer

Let’s suppose you own a hotel that provides immersive experiences to travelers by making outdoor activities more accessible. You may have programs like kid-friendly hikes, high-altitude slope treks, or lesser-traveled landscape explorations.

Aptly crafted special offers that highlight experiential travel—from the great outdoors to wellness—can help your trivago profile catch the eye of travelers who crave more than just a hotel room. Your special offer could even inspire travelers to plan an immersive experience that they may not have considered for your region before.

What’s more, activities that encompass experiential travel can also help create an opportunity for you to upsell additional services on-site. For example, you could tie in an offer for free ski equipment with a paid ski lesson. A discount on a spa treatment could lead to a full spa day—there’s no limit to the possible combinations you can craft.

4. Personal touch

The key to delighting guests and enhancing their loyalty to your brand is personalization. It’s most likely second nature for you to add in personal touches for your guests, for example reserving their favorite table, giving them their preferred room type, suggesting kid-friendly activities to families, and so on.

If you’re already doing this, chances are your guests love you for the added value you bring to their stay. But how can you let your potential guests on trivago know about your warm hospitality?

Although it can be tricky to market personalized experiences in the online world, Special Offer, with its thoughtfully written offers, makes it easy for you.

Introducing personal touch with Special Offer

Consider what’s unique about your property and destination. Does your city have a local delicacy that foodies love? Is your region known for its handicrafts?

Hotels around the world use creative gifts and thoughtful keepsakes to welcome guests at check-in or to bid them farewell at check-out. To help you promote this type of personalization, Special Offer has a wide range of offers that send a message of the personal touch guests can experience and forever cherish as a reminder of their stay with you.

What’s more, your guests will likely share this personalization in their online reviews for fellow travelers to read. And that can certainly help lead to more business for you.

Are you interested in taking advantage of Special Offer on trivago? Log in to your trivago Business Studio account or register now for free here.

About the app: The Special Offer app makes your hotel profile stand out in trivago search results. Every time you post an offer, the Special Offer tag will automatically appear on your profile. This will help you capture the attention of millions of travelers and entice them to book with you. Along with this enhanced visibility, your contact details will also be prominently displayed next to your special offer. That way, you enable your potential guests worldwide to take immediate action and connect with you directly.

Please note: You can avail the Special Offer app separately or as a part of a cost-effective package, PRO. Click below to know more about the PRO package.

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