Recap of trivago Academy: become more competitive online

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Last week we hosted the trivago Academy for independent hoteliers who are keen on improving their competitiveness online. Hoteliers from all over the world were tuning in. In case you’ve missed the Academy or any of the three educational webinars from this series, here’s a quick recap including videos of each session.

Webinar 1: Online distribution: finding clarity for hotels

If you’re not able to effectively sell your product to consumers, you’re unable to create a healthy income. When did you last stop for a moment and think about which elements of your online distribution contribute to the success of a distribution strategy? To make sure you’re able to pinpoint the weak spots of your online distribution strategy, we focused on the first two steps of the traveller’s journey online.

Travellers start by searching online for an accommodation, which means you need to be findable. After selecting their ideal hotel, travellers start the booking process. Now, we’ve distinguished the required elements for you to be bookable directly – through your own website – and what is needed to become bookable indirectly, through the Online Travel Agencies.

However, being bookable doesn’t count for much if travellers can’t find your property online. And this is where a metasearch site can help. trivago amplifies both your direct and indirect bookings.

Learn more about online distribution by watching the video.


Webinar 2: How hotels benefit from metasearch marketing

Metasearch aggregates information from across the web to present all the options to the traveller in one place, saving them time and effort when they’re looking for the ideal hotel for the best price.

One in two travellers uses metasearch to find their ideal hotel, but many hoteliers are still in the dark about how metasearch works, and how they can use it as a marketing channel to drive more bookings to their hotel.

trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch site and receives 1.4 billion visits each year from the millions of travellers who use the 55 localised websites to compare rates from more than 180 booking sites. Our reach allows you to gain interest from global markets, and target new travellers by actively building your unique profile and boost your ranking on trivago.

Watch this webinar to understand how metasearch works, how it can benefit your hotel, and how you can take control of your hotel profile on trivago with trivago Hotel Manager.


Webinar 3: How online content impacts your hotel’s performance 

Your hotel profile on trivago is the key to attracting travellers to book with your hotel. But once you’ve registered your hotel with trivago Hotel Manager, what do you do next? Your hotel profile contains three types of content: written content, visual content, and hotel details.

Quality written content starts with a unique and engaging hotel description. Your visual content is all about hotel images that are high quality, and a main image that tells a story about your hotel. Profiles with high-quality photos receive 63% more clicks than profiles with low-quality or no photos. And hotel details help match your hotel to travellers’ specific needs, which they’ve indicated via the filters on trivago.

By building a unique profile on trivago with trivago Hotel Manager, you can make your hotel stand out among your competitors to this huge segment of online travellers. More engagement with your hotel profile on trivago means more bookings to your hotel — specifically, registered hotels with top-ranked profiles receive 35% of their bookings from trivago travellers.

Learn more about quality content and how it will boost your online performance by watching this video.




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