Our Most Popular Hotel Industry Articles of 2018

With 2019 just around the corner, now’s the time to review the trends and transformations we saw in the hotel industry’s evolution over the past 12 months.

Metasearch emerged as a powerful channel for driving high-impact, lower-cost direct bookings. Independent hotels surpassed chains in both revenue growth and ADR growth. And major changes in luxury hospitality presented hotels of all categories with a tenable opportunity to attract this highly lucrative segment of travelers through affordable offerings.

In 2018 we also saw the continued progression of the industry embracing the digital world and racing to meet travelers’ rapidly rising expectations for unique and exceptional hotel stays.

To help you keep up throughout the year, we published dozens of free hotel industry articles on the latest in hotel marketing and distribution, hotel technology, hospitality trends, and more. Listed below, you’ll find our most popular articles on some of the most important topics of 2018 – the articles you, our readers, found most insightful and relevant.

We invite you to take another look now to refresh your memory of this year’s top trends, most effective marketing activities, and best practices for running a modern hotel business. It’ll help you prepare your property for next year’s challenges — and the opportunities that come with them.

Happy reading, and a very happy new year!

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The Top Hotel Trends to Watch in 2018, According to the Industry

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10 Super Simple Ways to Improve the Guest Experience

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Brilliant Advice for Turning a New Hotel into a Big Success

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Add Your Hotel to trivago for Free

Taking it back to basics, this article answers a simple yet essential question that many, many hoteliers asked us this year: How can I list and marketing my hotel on trivago? Read more.

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