Hotel Marketing, Tech, and Trends: Our Most-Read Articles in 2017

As we get ready to bid farewell to 2017 and gear up for a promising 2018, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months.

What new marketing techniques proved especially effective at capturing the fickle attention and growing business of travelers?

What emerging technologies became crucial for driving bookings in the online distribution landscape and satisfying guests during their stays?

What hospitality trends shook up and re-shaped the industry? The booking journey? The entire guest experience? What do hoteliers need to know about these trends?

The better we understand how the industry evolved over the last year, the better prepared we are to keep up with — and capitalise on — the changes that are sure to come in the year ahead.

To help with that, we’ve compiled our most-read global articles on the most important topics from 2017. Listed here, these are the articles you, our readers, found most insightful and most relevant. We invite you to take another look and equip yourself with the knowledge and the know-how you’ll need to compete in the hotel business in 2018 and beyond.

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Happy reading, and a very happy new year!

The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel Guests

The quality and availability of basic room amenities can make or break the guest experience. Give guests exactly what they want — only better. Read more.

Good News for Hotels: The Direct Booking Journey Moves to Meta

With metasearch, direct bookings are there for the taking. Which gives a clear answer to whether a hotelier should list their property on metasearch: Yes. Read more.

5 Loyalty Program Trends Hoteliers Need to Adopt

Loyalty and rewards programs — especially those that adhere to these five market trends — are re-emerging on the hospitality scene as effective ways to boost hotel revenue and ensure repeat business. Read more.

4 Hotel Email Campaigns Every Hotelier Should Be Sending

Email marketing is a proven way to market a hotel to potential and existing guests. Here are four surefire campaign ideas for hoteliers that use data and timing to deliver a targeted message and yield results. Read more.

Hotel Technology: 4 Trends That Are Here for the Long Haul

These trends have the staying power that can turn brave new technologies into industry standards. And they don’t just apply to the so-called tech hotels. Read more.

5 Hotel Trends That Are Transforming the Guest Experience

The hotels that benefit from a new trend the most are those that adapt their guest experience to it the fastest. Discover the hotel trends that have had the biggest impact on the guest experience this year. Read more.