Top Tips to Market Your Hotel This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner! What does this mean for a hotelier, like you?

It means that you should roll your sleeves up and start marketing your property to the couples looking to book hotels during Valentine’s period. After all, with Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, extended romantic getaways, holidays, or city breaks are on the cards for millions of couples.

In this post, we give you top tips to increase your hotel bookings this valentine’s day:

Reach your target group

Start marketing your property well in advance. While planners start making reservations around a month in advance usually after the New Year festivities fade away, many spontaneous travelers are looking for making reservations a week or so before Valentine’s day.

You should make sure that whenever people are researching, planning, and booking for their ideal accommodation, they see your deals right away. For couples, social media is a huge driving force while booking Valentine’s day holidays. Thus, your marketing efforts should start online with your website and social media channels. Use the theme, color scheme, and copy reflecting the spirit of Valentine’s day. Have planned social-media campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also give Snapchat and Pinterest a try if you want to extend your scope.

Also, reach your potential guests via Email marketing. Send out emails or festive newsletters with your deals to the guests you had previous years at the same time. Also, send it out to the people who have ever stayed with you in twos after booking directly with you. Such kind of push marketing would go a long way in attracting loyal clientele and retaining customers.

Also don’t forget to reach them through online metasearch tools, like trivago. Here’s how you can register your profile for free.

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Show some love

Don’t forget to show some love by advertising your special offers and packages for this special day. After all, people wish to surprise their special someone and your deals should seem promising.

You can devise and promote various packages, like early-bird offers, an additional complimentary booking on reserving Valentine’s day package, free breakfast on Valentine’s weekend, a complimentary candle-light dinner, etc. You can also play up your location, for example, if your property is based out of a happening city, promote city tours or if you’re on a beach, promote a romantic getaway with spa.

You get the idea – the options to attract couples during Valentine’s day are endless. You just need to be creative and have fun with it.

Give special offers

Special offers are a must for a special day like this. Couples wish to make this day a little bit more special and you should show them how you can help them make it an unforgettable experience.

One way to do that is via the Special Offer app in trivago Business Studio. With Special Offer, you can enjoy more opportunities to stand out in travelers’ search results by promoting your property. The offer will appear on your profile on the trivago website so that your profile stands out in trivago search results. Not only this, your contact details will appear prominently next to your offer on your profile.


Post enticing offers to encourage potential guests to book with you.

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Please note: You can avail the Special Offer app separately or as a part of a cost-effective package, PRO. Click here to log in to trivago Business Studio and know more.

Show what you have in store

Before making reservations, couples would like to see what your hotel is offering for Valentine’s day. This is your last and the most important chance to impress them. Give them a peek into your plans for the special day. You can use images from the celebrations you had the last year. Also, mention what kind of games or events you plan on having just to add in the fun factor into this lovely day. Plan a Valentine’s-based special menu and décor for the evening.

Also, make sure that you have exciting and lovely indoor/outdoor activities planned for the rest of the weekend. Think of activities, like breakfast in bed with chocolate-covered strawberries, couple’s massage, treasure hunt, dinner with champagne, spa break, etc. Let the couples know about these and make them book a packaged deal with you.

Don’t stop upselling

Upselling isn’t a bad thing – it’s amazing for you and your business and it’s good for your guests. On Valentine’s, people would be looking for options to pamper their partners or themselves. Make sure you present them with options to do that. Think upgrading to a suite upon their check-in or giving a spa package at a discounted price with the weekend stay. Not only this, have tiny booths with flowers, cakes, chocolates, and other fancy gifts appropriate for the occasion. You’ll be surprised to see how many people end up buying things from there. With such extra offerings and upselling techniques, you can help your guests have an unforgettable experience at your property.

Featured image: Bruce Mars on Pexels