Location: A Basic Detail That Hotels Are Not Leveraging

Location, they say, is everything. But having a great hotel location counts for little if it’s not listed online. Hoteliers who neglect to add their hotel address to their website and online profiles are missing out on business. And they may even be jeopardizing their customer service before their guests even arrive.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily increase the number of patrons who arrive at your front door while positively impacting their guest experience. The simplest and most effective way to do this is by making sure your hotel address is correctly listed on your metasearch profiles. Not sure how to add your hotel address on trivago? You just need to claim your profile. From there, adding and updating your hotel details, such as your hotel address, is easy.


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Once you’ve got that taken care of, you can move on to these three tips on how to leverage your hotel address to enhance your guest experience:

#1 Use local points of interest (POIs) to establish a visual reference guide for customers

Chances are good that visual cues exist around your property. First, consider popular POIs like well-known restaurants, tourist attractions, unique buildings, monuments, or other places of significance. Is your hotel in the middle of nowhere? Don’t be discouraged. Instead, get a bit creative. Is there a gas station nearby? How about a “fresh veggies sign” for a local farm, telephone posts, or mature trees near key intersections?

On your website and in the “Your upcoming stay” email you send your confirmed guests, describe what POIs are visible at the intersections where they need to turn. Go a step further and let them know what visual cues or landmarks are just beyond your hotel (within 500 yards) so that they know when they have gone too far.

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#2 Use Google Maps to help travelers find your hotel

We live in a digital age. People young and old are turning to their mobile devices for just about every aspect of their trips, from the early planning stages to managing booking confirmations and travel details. So if your guests are using mobile to find you, you need to list your location in a mobile-friendly way. Start by adding your hotel to Google Maps to enhance their experience.

Adding your hotel to Google Maps is simple and takes mere minutes to get started. But don’t stop there.

#3 Add your hotel location on GPS

Many people rent vehicles with GPS (global positioning satellites) while on business or leisure trips, and use these in-car devices instead of their cell phones to navigate. Listing your hotel address on the world’s most popular mapping systems can be done fairly easily these days and is free to do.

GPS providers typically have filters for hotels and POIs. Drivers can select these and see an automatic listing of every hotel within close proximity. Wouldn’t you want your hotel to be listed? It’s a simple thing to do, but it can make a difference when it comes down to the number of walk-ins that your lodgings attract.

Getting lost and wasting time trying to find the right turn is stressful. By making it as intuitive as possible for guests to find you, you work to improve their experience before they arrive. By going a step further and listing your hotel on GPS, you may even be able to attract new customers for little to no added cost. When walk-ins check in, ask them how they found your hotel to track the value of your various location listings.