With another enlightening ITB Berlin event behind us, it’s time to reflect on what we learned this year. And not just reflect on the insights we’ve acquired, but act on them.

How has traveler behavior evolved? How has hotel technology advanced? What does the future of travel and hospitality look like? And what bearing does all this have on hotel marketing and distribution?

The answers to these questions, supported by every workshop, panel discussion, and conversion we attended or held in the course of this influential conference, all point to one resounding truth: The future of the industry is digital.

The future is also now. Which is why we consider this fact to be the #1 most important insight hotels should take away from this year’s ITB.

And here’s the most urgent action this insight calls for:

Embrace technology and the digital future of the hotel industry

It’s your best chance for staying relevant and competitive as a hotel business. 

Our team of international market experts came to ITB Berlin to support hoteliers with this very challenge: embracing the right digital solutions for their hotels.

With technology for streamlining operations, marketing a hotel on metasearch, and, most crucial of all, driving direct bookings online, trivago’s tech solutions were developed to empower hotels to embrace the digital world and capitalize on the traveler’s shift to a digital booking journey.

And we were thrilled to introduce hoteliers from around the world to our enabling hotel technology, including:

  • trivago Hotel Manager, the metasearch marketing platform for connecting with millions of travelers
  • trivago Hotel Manager PRO, the upgrade that comes with advanced marketing features and competitor data
  • Base7’s Booking Engine for processing online reservations
  • trivago Express Booking, the free landing page for increasing conversion rates
  • Base7’s Property Management System for streamlining operations in order to focus on the guest experience


This year, many hoteliers were especially interested in the technology that can enable them to publish their website rates on trivago and send travelers to book directly through their websites:

  • Rate Connect. Rate Connect empowers hoteliers to increase their direct bookings by promoting their official website rates on their trivago profiles. When travelers click on the rate, which is highlighted and highly visible in a special blue area on the profile, they’re redirected to the hotel’s booking page to complete their booking.

Ready to turn insights into action?

Looking for more key insights and takeaways from this year’s ITB? Check out our article “Peering into the Future of Tourism at ITB Berlin.”

Looking for information on the hotel technology that a hotel can use to drive direct bookings? We can help with that, too. Click the button below to find out about trivago’s solution.

We’d like to end this article by thanking the people who came by our booth. Speaking with all of you was the highlight of the event for us. And a very special thank-you to everyone who took part in the trivago Lab. Your feedback on our products is helping us build better solutions for you and your fellow hotel professionals.

Readers can find more hotel marketing ideas, more hotel technology insights, and advice for driving direct bookings right here on our blog.

As always, we’re happy to hear from you in the comments section below. Feel free to leave questions, comments, and article requests.


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