How to Increase Visibility on trivago in 4 Easy Steps

If you are a hotelier, chances are you’re looking for different ways to boost your visibility online. After all, with more than 80% of travel bookings taking place via a website or mobile app, hoteliers need to have a strong digital presence to be easily searchable online.

trivago can help you with that. Let’s see how:

How trivago can help my hotel business

In pursuit of having a strong online presence, hoteliers are investing more and more in various marketing initiatives, like metasearch marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Of all these, hoteliers around the world perceive metasearch engines, such as trivago, to be one of the most effective marketing channels, in terms of gaining visibility, as reported in the study, Independent Lodging Properties and Online Marketplace, by Phocuswright.

Given such high levels of satisfaction with metasearch, it’s no surprise that trivago is trusted by properties from across the globe to promote their business and reach travelers online.

Let’s find out how trivago works:

How trivago works

trivago is a leading, global hotel metasearch. Millions of travelers turn to trivago every month to find their ideal property online.

After travelers enter their search criteria on trivago, trivago compares millions of deals from a number of properties and booking channels to present travelers with a clear selection of offers that perfectly match their requests. When travelers select a deal on trivago, trivago directs them to the advertiser of that deal – a third-party booking channel or a property’s website. That’s where travelers complete the booking process.

trivago Business Studio can help you reach those millions of travelers. Let’s see how:

How to be visible on trivago

trivago Business Studio is the full metasearch marketing solution that enables independent hoteliers to improve their online marketing performance. With its tailored suite of apps, your property can be discovered by millions of travelers worldwide.

But with thousands of properties and hundreds of booking channels available at trivago, how can you make sure that your property stands out in front of travelers?

Here’s how you can capture travelers’ attention and promote your property in front of them in these 4 easy steps:

1. Register for free

In its search results, trivago compares and shows deals from hundreds of booking channels. Even if you haven’t registered on trivago Business Studio but are partnered with at least one of those booking channels, your property will already be visible on trivago. This is because booking channels provide us with content about your property, including images, basic information, and rates.

However, your property profile on trivago might not be the way you want it to be or might not even be updated. In this case, you can simply register your property for free on trivago Business Studio by clicking here. If you want to know how to register your property on trivago for free, click here.

Claim your property’s trivago profile today.

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2. Manage your property profile

Your property’s profile on trivago is created with images, description, and amenities. Once registered, you can claim your property’s profile and manage it for free. Access the Property Details app in trivago Business Studio to update your property information. Property details are a simple but integral part of your online performance. They’re neither fancy nor complicated; however, neglecting them can instantly lose your guests.

In the Property Details app, you can change your property’s name, update your contact details, and position your property to the right location on the map by going to the Basic Information tab. You can also select the Images tab to add or update your profile’s main image and also, to upload photos of your hotel, location, or services to your profile to make it look more attractive to travelers. In this app, your hotel’s description can also be added or updated for different locales by going to the Description tab.

3. Track your profile performance

With trivago’s app, Profile Performance, you can have access to the crucial insights and information about your trivago profile. This relevant information can help you measure the success of your profile and can support you in making decisions to reach your business goals.

This app shows you your Conversion Funnel, with which you can track the traveler’s journey from their initial search on trivago until they land on your hotel deal and your My Performance on trivago, which helps you monitor traveler engagement with your trivago profile – measured in impressions, clicks, and click-through rates.

4. Monitor your property’s online reputation

Measuring and monitoring marketing initiatives is a key component of a successful business. With the help of the Guest Ratings app, you can see an overview of your property’s online reputation across hundreds of booking sites.

With this aggregated data, you can stay up to date on your online reputation and learn from your guests, their needs and understand what they are looking for. This can help you in limiting the range of your marketing activities and be more focused and targeted. This can also help you in understanding what are the strengths and weaknesses of your property and your services. So, you can easily promote what you excel in and improve your weak points.

The above-mentioned apps of trivago Business Studio can help you in boosting your visibility in front of millions of travelers looking for their next ideal accommodation. The platform enables you to improve your online-marketing performance with apps you can mix and match.