The New Dashboard: Simple Data, Impactful Performance Tracking

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The hospitality industry is a competitive and constantly evolving arena. We know this, and so we work hard to support and empower hotels in their battle for bookings. As a leading global hotel metasearch, trivago is becoming increasingly important to hotels of all sizes and categories as they strive to compete online. Why? Because travellers across the world are now turning to metasearch as the first step in finding their ideal hotel. Which means that metasearch is now a main channel for driving traffic and both direct and indirect bookings. It also means that metasearch performance tracking on trivago is becoming an increasingly crucial step in the hotelier’s bid for more business.

You, the hoteliers we work with, are well aware of this. In fact, you came to us with the request for more data, more analytics, more oversight of your traffic and bookings and revenue being generated through trivago.

We listened. We took your feedback and acted on it. And we built something we really think you’re going to like: a brand spanking new dashboard, complete with the metasearch performance tracking metrics you need to navigate your business forward.

Here’s what you’ve now got in your arsenal, right on your new trivago Hotel Manager dashboard:

Profile strength

A higher ranking, increased exposure, and up to five times more visits—these are the trappings of a strong hotel profile on trivago. So how strong is yours? A better question: What can you do to strengthen it even more? Your dashboard will let you know every time you log in to trivago Hotel Manager; we suggest you do this often.

Because the truth is, the content of a hotel profile has a shelf life, and it’s not a long one. Profiles with outdated content are unlikely to appear in search results. So constantly checking in on your profile strength is an important part of metasearch marketing tracking. And following the recommendations to strengthen your profile ensures your content is always fresh, always visible, and never decaying.

The profile strength metric on the new trivago Hotel Manager Dashboard

Conversion funnel

The traveller starts their journey to find the ideal hotel on trivago, and stays there until they find the best deal on either an OTA or the hotel’s official website. We also call this online journey the conversion funnel. Do you want to know how often your profile appears in search results generated for your location? Which of your partnered booking sites convert the most lookers into bookers? How successful your own website is at driving direct bookings?

Of course you want to know all this. Data on the number of trivago users engaged with your profile at each stage of their journey is what enables you to make the smartest strategic decisions for your hotel marketing activities. Which makes your conversion funnel one potent instrument for metasearch performance tracking.

The conversion funnel metric on the new trivago Hotel Manager Dashboard

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You’ve heard our tips on how to get more from your trivago hotel profile: Upload high-quality images. Have a clean and compelling hotel description in multiple languages. Upgrade your account. Publish targeted hotel news. And it’s true: These activities help you optimise your profile and increase its revenue-driving potential.

But don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself. The overview of your performance on trivago now displays your profile-related activities. Don’t just monitor your performance, monitor which activities bring you more views, more visits, more bookings. That’s the type of metasearch performance tracking that can tell you what’s working, and what you might need to adjust.

Activities now appear on the “Your performance on trivago” section on the new trivago Hotel Manager Dashboard

Revenue per channel

This is perhaps the most requested new metric on the dashboard, and we can understand why: Numbers don’t lie. Your revenue figures are excellent indicators of your metasearch marketing success on trivago.

And being able to see your total revenue generated through trivago, where it’s coming from, and how much of it is from indirect vs. direct bookings? Metasearch performance tracking doesn’t get much more accurate than that.

The revenue per channel metric on the new trivago Hotel Manager Dashboard

Data-driven decisions are the best kind

If you don’t know where you stand or how you’re doing with your metasearch marketing performance, how can you know if you need to improve it? How can you know that your actions are driving bookings and revenue? Simple—you can’t know.

You need data. And now, with the new trivago dashboard, you have it. Which means you’re better armed than ever for the battlefield that is today’s hotel industry. Log in to your trivago Hotel Manager account to discover your hotel’s data—and use it to sharpen your weapons and plan your attacks. Don’t yet have an account? Go ahead and register—it’s free.

We want to close this post by expressing our gratitude. Thanks to your open and honest feedback, valuable data itself, we were able to improve the products we offer you, that they serve you and your hotel business better. So thank you, and keep it coming.


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