A Hotelier Shares Her Experience Using trivago Hotel Manager PRO

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We’ve published many articles here about technology for hotels, from hotel tech trends pieces to guides on hotel technology best practices. And while we’re always happy to share our knowledge, we believe it’s important that hoteliers have the chance to hear and learn from one another, too. These peer-to-peer insights can be especially invaluable when you’re considering adopting a new piece of hotel technology.

To that end, we asked an independent hotelier using  trivago Hotel Manager PRO to share her experience with us, so that we could share it with you.

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The hotelier: Sara Rabatti, Revenue Manager and Head of Hotel Reception

Sara has been working in the hotel industry for over 10 years, currently as the revenue manager and head of hotel reception at La Scaletta a Firenze. Her tasks include evaluating the status of daily revenue to estimate possible rate changes and organizing both reception work and cleaning personnel. And like many independent hoteliers, her responsibilities extend to many different facets of running a hotel.

“Additionally, I assist the staff with check-in and check-out, welcome new guests, and speak with our customers to find out if they were satisfied with their stays and how we could even improve our service.”

The hotel: La Scaletta di Firenze, a romantic three-star hotel in the heart of Florence

La Scaletta di Firenze is a three-star hotel located in the center of Florence. It’s been in business for 60 years and attracts leisure clientele as well as honeymooners and couples looking to spend a romantic weekend.

Sara describes the hotel’s strongest selling points as, “Certainly the service offered by the staff, the spacious and bright rooms, the location, and the breathtaking views from our panoramic terraces.”

However, the hotel was struggling to promote their on-premises strengths to their online audience. And it was costing them bookings.

The challenge: The hotel’s poor online presence was costing it booking opportunities

There were three major issues Sara identified in the hotel’s online presence: (1) the absence of any direct communication channel for the hotel, (2) the inability to promote special offers to incentivize direct bookings, and (3) the information listed was incorrect and the hotel images were outdated.

Understanding the issues was only the first step, however; Sara still needed to find a way to address each of these problems.

“To find a solution that responds to all these variables wasn’t easy,” Sara admits. Then trivago reached out to her with the very solution she was looking for.

The solution: The data insights and marketing features of trivago Hotel Manager PRO

“I already knew about trivago, and I found out more when we were contacted by a trivago account manager who explained to us that many travelers were checking out our hotel,” Sara says in describing how she learned about trivago Hotel Manager PRO, the comprehensive metasearch marketing solution that would open up new opportunities to improve both La Scaletta’s performance on trivago and communication with their potential guests.

“The low cost of a PRO account, the curiosity of seeing the result of having our contact details and a special offer displayed on our hotel profile, as well the desire to evaluate the results that a metasearch with strong growth has, like trivago, convinced me to try it.”

The setup process: Intuitive, easy, and quick

“I began using the product right away, and I have to say that it’s easy, intuitive, and quick. I’m impressed by its simplicity of use, the quantity of data that it provides, and the possibilities that PRO offers.”

The first thing Sara did after activating our PRO account was to review and update all the information published on La Scaletta, to ensure its online presence was current and attractive. “I also changed the images and posted a Special Offer.”

Formerly known as “Hotel News,” the Special Offer feature in PRO enabled Sara to publish additional unique perks and promotions to encourage travelers to consider and book a stay at La Scaletta.

The results: Better conversions and brand reputation led to an increase in revenue

After just two months of activating their PRO account, La Scaletta started seeing a positive impact on both their revenue and occupancy.

“The three major advantages that I found are the increase in direct visits to our site, the boost in conversions, and the improvement of the hotel’s brand reputation.” And these advantages led to “a subsequent increase in revenue,” Sara tells us.

“Turnover has increased by nearly 5%, and traveler traffic has risen by nearly 8%! This has been possible thanks to the increase in the visibility of the organization, being able to benchmark rates in real time, and the possibility of adding exclusive offers for booking directly via our website.”

To find out more about trivago Hotel Manager PRO — and learn how to access it to upgrade your own hotel’s online presence and booking potential — click the link below:


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Image credit: Hotel la Scaletta Official Website


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