Rebound after the Coronavirus Crisis: 3 Digital Tools Hotels Need for a Quick Recovery

Covid-19 is showing us how to live and connect online. It’s going to influence travelers’ search and booking behaviors, making people who relied fully or partially on traditional channels to turn to digital solutions to plan their travel, from start to finish.

With this in mind, we’re going to help you plan your rebound once the symptoms of the crisis pass and events return to normal in our series, ‘Rebound after the Coronavirus Crisis’. Check out other articles in this series:
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Now, we’re going to talk about the digital tools that can help you effectively and seamlessly enable a distribution recovery strategy for your hotel. These digital tools will also help you become more efficient, automate operations, and ensure higher customer satisfaction in the post-crisis period.

Read on to find out the business tools you should invest in right now to ensure a quick and smooth recovery:

A cloud-based property management system

An easy-to-use and comprehensive PMS (Property Management System) can help you control, automate, and accelerate a huge range of operational procedures within your hotel. With a PMS in place, you can ensure a seamless flow of interdepartmental information to let you better coordinate various operational functions, like financial accounting management and maintenance management.

You can even integrate your PMS with other systems to create an entirely cloud-based hub and manage all the hotel processes remotely. This means you have the liberty to access your hotel PMS from anywhere. When remote working is now the new normal, a cloud-based PMS brings even greater benefits. With the PMS technology, you can transfer some hotel jobs to completely remote work.

In fact, a cloud-based PMS can enable you to manage online reservation channels, like a channel manager and booking engine, remotely with the help of automatic synchronization. This helps you save a lot of time and energy. Next, let’s see how important a channel manager and a booking engine are in getting more reservations.

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A channel manager

We’ve seen that independent lodging properties drive most of their business through online channels. This trend is expected to grow during the current crisis. And a channel manager can help you in distributing your property listing on various digital channels, thereby diversifying your booking channels. Let’s see how.

A channel manager enables hoteliers to automatically update rates, bookings, and calendar availability across a number of platforms simultaneously. Imagine distributing your rooms across 3 or more booking channels or Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). You’ll have to manually go to each OTA and update your inventory and rate. This process could be time-consuming and might not reflect changes in real-time. However, with the help of a channel manager, you can manage your availability and rates on all OTAs in real-time with a few clicks. This will help you avoid overbookings and double bookings while saving time and avoiding errors.

A direct booking channel

In the hotel industry, the more direct business, the better; even more so during a crisis when it’s crucial for you as a brand to directly communicate and foster long-term relationships with travelers. Your official brand website will help you sell your hotel rooms and your on-site booking engine will enable you to accept direct bookings.

Thus, it’s important for you to invest in a well-designed and optimized website right now, along with a high-quality booking engine. Your website will delight your visitors, thereby encouraging them to book with you and your booking engine will eventually help you convert your visitors to your guests. Thus, this is your chance to win direct bookings. Make sure that you have a seamless payment solution right on your website so that your potential guests can enjoy a simple and secure booking experience.

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