Johannes Thomas to Give Keynote Interview at Hotel Tech Forum

This year’s Hotel Technology Forum is set to take place in Vienna on April 27, the 2nd day of the HOTREC Annual Congress.

A hospitality summit that connects promising hotel technology startups with hoteliers and investors, the HTF is at the forefront of digitalization in the industry. And initiating Hotel Technology Forum 2018 is trivago Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer Johannes Thomas.

The day-long event will start with Johannes’s keynote interview, conducted by HOTREC President Susanne Kraus-Winkler and Myhotelshop CEO Ullrich Kastner.

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On trivago’s swift rise, meta’s bright future, & how hotels can catch up

A few years ago we had the honor of speaking with Susanne Kraus-Winkler, the veritable voice of the European hospitality industry, about hotel technology, transformative trends, and the challenges hoteliers are facing (read the interview here). At the HTF, she and her co-interviewer will elicit insights into the same topics from one of the youngest and most successful startup leaders in the travel industry.

Participants will hear Johannes’s exclusive answers to some of hospitality’s most pressing questions. What travel trends are now shaping the market, the traveler, and the industry entire? How will hoteliers be able to stay competitive through the industry’s digital revolution?

In addition to addressing these questions, Johannes will speak to trivago’s swift rise, how metasearch is evolving, and how it’s empowering hotels in the digital age.

For those unable to attend, read on for a sneak peek at this last topic.

The digital era of hospitality calls for digital hotel solutions

Independent hotels have been slow to adapt to changes in the industry. This is especially true when the change in question is digitalization; the slowness is especially apparent when comparing independent hotels to major OTAs and chains.

And if hotels are struggling to catch up now, it’s only going to be that much more challenging for them to stay competitive as the industry continues evolving and digitalizing. It’s an issue of growing concern, but one that trivago has identified and is working hard to remedy.

How is trivago helping independent hotels overcome the struggles of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow?

By equipping hoteliers the world over with digital hotel technology that’s as easy to access and simple to use as it is effective. trivago is building hotelier-centric digital solutions for online hotel marketing and direct distribution. A global metasearch, it’s also providing hoteliers with access to critical market, traveler, and competitor data. In other words, trivago is working to level the digital playing field for the independent hotel through powerful data and innovative technology.


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