How a Hotel’s Online Presence Can Attract up to 5 Times More Guests

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Improving a hotel’s online presence improves its ability to attract today’s digital (and discerning!) travelers.

You can see it on trivago, where the hotel profiles that receive the most attention and generate the highest engagement — the most views and clicks from travelers — also have the most optimized online presences.

By optimized online presence, we mean stunning hotel photos. Catchy descriptions translated into multiple languages. Hotel details that are current and complete. High-quality content and accurate, comprehensive information.

And the value of an optimized online presence is not something to be ignored.

In search results, optimized profiles tend to have greater visibility and receive up to five times more attention from travelers. And hotels with such profiles have been seen a 58% bump in bookings on average.

So, you can see just how important a hotel’s online presence is. Which is why this year’s trivago Awards include the category Outstanding Online Presence.

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About the Outstanding Online Presence category of the trivago Awards

The trivago Awards for Outstanding Online Presence is a way to recognize the hotels with stand-out exceptional profiles on trivago. It’s also a chance to raise awareness about how crucial it is for all hotels to take care of their online content, and to provide guidance on how to get a better hotel online presence — fast.

So below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to improve your online presence on trivago. By following them, not only will you instantly enhance the appeal of your hotel profile, you’ll also increase your chances of winning more guests and a trivago Award for Outstanding Online Presence this year (a literal win-win situation).

Step 1: Claim your profile on trivago (if you haven’t already!)

First things first. You’ve got to take control of your hotel profile on trivago. Your hotel may already have a profile (unclaimed) on trivago, or you may need to add it. Either way, by registering on trivago Hotel Manager, you’re taking ownership of your online presence on a leading global hotel metasearch site.

And the best part? Registering is free and quick. It’s also as easy as pie. Click here to get started or follow the link below:


Register my hotel on trivago


Tip: Add Your Hotel to trivago for Free” gives more info on the ins and outs of taking control of your profile on trivago.

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to update your profile.

Step 2: Attend to your hotel details

In this step, you add or update all the important information about your hotel: Your address and amenities, facilities and services, for example. Have a wellness center or spa? A bar or restaurant? These are the types of hotel details you’re going to want to have on your profile.

Tip:The Importance of Hotel Details to a Hotel’s Online Performance” gives you a closer look at how your hotel details improve your hotel’s online presence and your ability to attract travelers on trivago.

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to update your hotel details.

Step 3: Add stunning hotel images

In the online environment of hotel marketing, appearances definitely matter. A lot. Hotel profiles featuring high-quality images receive 63% more clicks on trivago than those with low-quality photos.

Need more convincing? Only 4% of travelers on trivago would even start to consider a hotel when it’s missing the main image. So be sure to upload a few new stunning hotel images to your profile. Better yet, add 20.

Tip: Read “5 Tips for Hotel Photos That Sell” if you’re planning to take the hotel images yourself, and “3 Must-try Tips for Better Hotel Images on a Budget” if you’d like to go the professional route.

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to add hotel images.

Step 4: Write a catchy hotel description

You’re going to want a catchy description as part of your hotel’s online presence, for the simple reason that 79% of travelers’ clicks on trivago go to profiles that have one.

Tip (we actually have two tips for this one): 1. If copywriting isn’t your thing, there are writing service providers that specialize in hotel descriptions. 2. Have your description translated into several languages, so that it appears to international travelers as well.

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to write or edit your hotel description.

Step 5: Create room types and assign images to each

Help your guests find their perfect room by creating a room type for each unique category of room, suite, and/or unit in your property. You may have 10 standard rooms, but are they all exactly alike, with the same size, features, and view? Probably not.

And be sure to assign your stunning hotel images to the room types they depict.

Tip (this one is super important): Assign one of the best hotel images as the main image on your profile! “Why a Main Image Matters to Your Hotel Profile” explains why.

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to create room types and assign images.

Step 6: Keep your entire profile up to date, always

Optimizing a hotel’s online presence is not a one-off activity. Try to get into the habit of regularly checking in on your hotel profile, updating what’s gone out of date and improving what can be better. It’s the only way to keep your online presence at peak performance.

And the more active you are about optimizing your online presence on trivago, and the more often you update it, the better your chances are of winning a trivago Award.

Tip: Your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard will help you track your performance on trivago, as well as provide you with customized suggestions on how to strengthen your profile and online presence. (“The New Dashboard: Simple Data, Impactful Performance Tracking” will tell you all about it.)

Log in to trivago Hotel Manager to optimize your profile.

You can find more info that’ll help you optimize your hotel’s online presence in “How Content Can Make or Break a Hotel’s Success Online.

Wondering what more you can get from your hotel’s online presence? Looking to take your hotel profile to the next level with advanced marketing features? Interested in showing your website rates on trivago to encourage direct bookings from your profile? We’ve got you covered. Click the link below to find out more about trivago’s metasearch marketing solutions:


Get more from my hotel’s presence on trivago


Also, be sure to stay tuned for more information on this year’s trivago Awards!

And of course, feel free to write to us in the comments section below with your questions concerns, and article requests.

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