Free Global Webinar: Are Independent Properties Succeeding Online?

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trivago has joined forces with the travel industry’s research authority, Phocuswright, on a new study that explores the status of independent lodging properties in the current online marketplace their business practices, tech usage, greatest challenges and roadblocks, and most promising opportunities.

Expert panelists from trivago and Phocuswright will be diving into the data and sharing results from the study in a live, free webinar, exploring a complex and urgent question:

“How well are independent hoteliers adapting to the digital age?”

Register to attend now and tune in to find out on 24 January 2019.

Free webinar: How well are independent hoteliers adapting to the digital age?

Registration for this exclusive free trivago-Phocuswright webinar is now open. Click here to register to attend on 24 January 2019.

In 2019 independent hotels are performing better in the online environment — but challenges remain.

While smaller, non-branded properties have managed to increase their online business in recent years, technology adoption in this sector is still constricted, online marketing channels are still underutilized, and direct distribution opportunities are still being missed.

The result: Independent properties are still largely dependent on OTA sales. And they’re concerned with the growing costs associated with such commissions.

So independent hoteliers and accommodation providers may be entering the digital race, but what hurdles will they need to clear to catch up to and keep pace with their OTA partners and branded counterparts in hospitality’s irrevocably digital future?

Join us on January 24 to hear our experts discuss:

  • To what extent independent properties have shifted their marketing and distribution online
  • Through which channels they receive the most sales, and which they believe to be the most effective
  • What technologies independent properties are using and what’s keeping them from adopting more
  • What are the core challenges hoteliers are up against and why they’re proving difficult to overcome

Why attend:

  • Get a deeper understanding of today’s independent accommodation providers: their business practices, opportunities, and challenges
  • Find out how hoteliers perceive the effectiveness of diverse digital marketing and distribution channels and how they invest their marketing budgets
  • Learn more about the barriers preventing independent hoteliers from seizing their full potential to compete in the online environment
  • Hear trivago’s take on the status of independent lodging sector and discover how metasearch is helping hoteliers and alternative accommodation providers reduce their OTA dependence and reclaim their direct bookings

Panelists for this webinar:

  • Peter O’Connor, Senior Market Analyst at Phocuswright
  • Jessica Neth, Head of Global Technical Partnerships at trivago
  • Kevin May, Editor-in-Chief at PhocusWire

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Not able to attend? Key findings from the study are now available in a free white paper, Independent Lodging Properties and the Online Marketplace, found here: //