How to Check Your Hotel’s Online Reputation Score for Free

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In a world where travelers put their faith in a hotel’s online reputation as much as its advertised offerings, digital word of mouth reigns. People trust people. Positive ratings increase interest, while negative ratings dispel desire. And reviews influence bookings.

To see how your own hotel business is doing with its online reputation, check out its reputation score on trivago.

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About your hotel’s online reputation score on the trivago Rating Index™

The trivago Rating Index™, or tRI, aggregates millions of guest reviews from across multiple online sources. An algorithm then renders this data into reliable overall reputation scores for the hotels on trivago — including your own property.

It’s what makes trivago one of the best hotel review sites in the world, according to Forbes

The purpose of the tRI is twofold. For travelers, it’s a resource to use while searching for the ideal hotel. For hoteliers, the tRI is a free online reputation tool for monitoring what their guests think of their property, services, and amenities.

Read more about the tRI here:

What if your hotel or tRI score doesn’t appear on trivago? 

If you don’t see your property on trivago, you can add it by following the steps outlined in this article.

If your hotel profile on trivago doesn’t have a tRI score, it’s most likely because there aren’t enough guest ratings and reviews available for your property online. For the tRI to calculate a score for your property, you’ll need at least 10 reviews.  This article has some excellent advice on how to get more online guest reviews.

Create a free account to monitor your reputation score

One way to check your hotel’s online reputation score for free is to find your profile on trivago.

Alternatively, you can create a free trivago Business Studio account, which will give you access to your Ratings page – an online reputation monitoring panel tailored to your property and updated daily.


Claim your property’s trivago profile today.

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From there, you can do all of the following online reputation management activities (still for free):

#1 Check out your hotel’s overall online reputation

In the first section, you’ll find your hotel’s tRI score, as well as its score per review source.

#2 See your hotel’s online ratings for each area of your guest experience

Right below your overall tRI score, you’ll see your rating per area of your guest experience. Use it to identify both your hotel’s strengths and improvement areas.


A sample hotel’s tRI broken down by review source and guest experience area

#3 Have a look at your main competitor’s online reputation, too

See who has the better online reputation — your hotel, or one of your competitors.


A sample hotel’s online reputation compared to a competitor’s reputationIf you’d like to gain access to more data on your competitors, including their online reputation and room pricing data, you can simply upgrade your account to the PRO package.

More info on that here:

Explore what else you can do with trivago Business Studio

Once set up with a trivago Business Studio account, you can monitor your hotel’s online reputation for free — but not only that.

You can build up your profile with your property’s details, images, and descriptions to attract travelers on trivago to your property, as well.


Take your property from hidden gem to high demand.

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