5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for All Hotel Businesses

Digital marketing, also known as “online marketing” and “Internet marketing,” has become a crucial activity for hotels of all shapes and sizes, of all categories, in all parts of the world. And here’s the simple reason why: The booking journey has gone digital. The guests have moved online.

Travelers young and old, domestic and international, business and leisure and yes, “bleisure,” are now getting online to search for and book their accommodations. The only way for a hotel to reach these digital travelers is to get digital with them…and to get digital with their marketing activities.

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Digital hotel marketing: the essentials

Despite its importance, digital marketing is for many a vast and vague topic. What are the most important digital hotel marketing channels? What are the most effective techniques? And how does a hotel go about developing a digital marketing strategy to begin with?

The following 5 digital marketing must-haves for hotels would be an excellent place to start:

#1 Metasearch marketing

As a starting point on the traveler’s hotel-search journey, metasearch should similarly be a hotel’s starting point for its digital marketing strategy. And it’s incredibly easy — and free — to get started by claiming your hotel profile on trivago.

And there’s so much you can do with metasearch marketing; having your hotel on trivago is just the first step. You can also upgrade your trivago account to get access to exclusive data on your audience and main competitors, as well as advanced marketing features for your profile. Interested in driving direct bookings from trivago? There’s a solution for that too.


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#2 Social media marketing

We can’t talk about digital hotel marketing and leave out social media. With the rise of the digital traveler, social media has become a versatile, effective, and indispensable hotel marketing channel. Or “channels,” we should say. The most successful hotel social media strategies integrate several platforms.

For guidance on best practices for hotel social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, check out our article “Social Media for Hotels: 5 trivago Award Winners That Are Nailing It.”

And just remember that being social is a big part of being digital.

#3 Email marketing

Email marketing is another best-bet digital marketing channel available to hotels. With high guest engagement, high conversion rates, and high returns on investment, email marketing has proven itself to be a great way to grow a hotel business.

Which is why we put together a guide entirely on this type of digital hotel marketing. Check it out here: “The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Hotels.”

#4 Seasonal marketing

The hospitality industry is one that’s especially subject to seasonality, in some locales more than others. Seasonal digital marketing can help a hotel increase its occupancy in the off-seasons and squeeze more revenue out of the high seasons.

Boost Your Bookings with Off-Season Marketing” has some great tips that’ll help you develop a dynamic seasonal strategy for your digital hotel marketing, as does “10 Ways to Market Your Hotel for the Summer Season.”

#5 Direct marketing

If you’re looking to reduce commission costs, break free from any dependency on OTAs, and grow your direct bookings, you’re going to need to do some digital direct marketing.

Many digital channels can be used for direct hotel marketing, but again, a good one to start with is metasearch. And with a booking engine, a technical provider, and a little entrepreneurial passion, you can easily run a direct marketing campaign right on trivago. Our developers built the tool Rate Connect to enable hoteliers to publish their direct website rates on trivago with a simple and cost-effective CPC marketing campaign.

Curious to find out more about Rate Connect? This article is for you: “10 Questions Hoteliers Ask about Rate Connect.”


Featured image by Malidate Van