The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Hotels

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This past year trivago’s B2B email marketing specialists sat down and wrote out a series of articles on the topic of email marketing specifically for hotels.

Published here on our blog, these articles cover the what, the why, the when, and the how-to of hotel email marketing. Collectively, they represent the complete and essential guide to effective email marketing for hotels.

You’ll find each of the articles, with a description and a link, below:

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential for Your Hotel

Generating an estimated $38 for every $1 spent and conversion rates three times higher than social media, email marketing is a channel that can deliver a super high ROI — whatever industry you’re in.

So if you’re not marketing your hotel through email, it’s time you seriously consider it. This article takes a closer look at three ways email marketing can improve the experience you offer guests as you increase your revenue, grow your brand, and encourage customer loyalty.


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4 Basic Steps in Hotel Email Marketing to Get You Started

Open rates, ESP, data integration. . . Email marketing jargon can make this powerful channel seem intimidating. In this article the team breaks it all down for you into four basic steps with the need-to-know vocab for each.

No matter the size of your property, the hotel email marketing basics covered in this article can be applied to your email marketing efforts and help you grow your business.


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5 Essential Ingredients for Your First Hotel Email Campaign

This article takes you to the next step in hotel email marketing: crafting your first campaign. The team reveals exactly what it’ll take to make this campaign a success.

When you add each of the five elements listed in this article to your first email — and to every email you send out thereafter — you can be sure you’re engaging your readers, inspiring them to take action, and building up awareness of and loyalty for your brand in the process.


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6 Hotel Email Campaigns You Should Be Sending

With a solid understanding of email marketing as an advertising channel, you can develop a hotel email marketing strategy that will increase bookings and allow you to leverage opportunities at every step of the guest’s journey. You just need to know which are the best hotel email campaigns to send out.

What should the content of the emails be? What message do you want to send? To whom? And when? To get you started, here are four surefire campaign ideas for hoteliers that use data and timing to deliver a targeted message and yield results


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