Autumn Travel Trends 2018 | trivago Reveals Top Destinations

September has begun, and with it the autumn travel season. Also known as fall (and as spring to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), the months of September, October, and November entice travelers around the world with their promise of thinner crowds and more affordable prices. To understand where these autumnal travelers are off to […]

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Photo collage of best hotel amenities for different traveler types

The Best Hotel Amenities to Attract Every Type of Traveler

What are the best hotel amenities to offer your guests? The answer will depend entirely on who your guests are. Because apart from room quality and cleanliness, which are absolute musts for all types of travelers, guest expectations and needs can vary greatly. To meet them, you’ll need to identify the traveler types you’re attracting. […]

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Photo of a Swiss Hotel in late-winter, early spring

How Off-Season Hotel Marketing Brings in Your High-Season Guests

If you were to think that off-season hotel marketing isn’t necessary for your business, you’d be sorely mistaken. Here’s why: Travelers book 54 days ahead of their stay on average Every day, 365 days a year, there are people searching for hotels. Searching, and also booking. And while last-minute bookings are indeed on the rise, they’re […]

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indigo hotel berlin kudam

5 Hotel Design Ideas to Differentiate Rooms and Delight Guests

In the pursuit to provide the ultimate unique experience to travelers, hotel design has become a powerful instrument of differentiation. Because for guests, choosing the ideal hotel now involves identifying the ideal hotel room. And a hotel room that stands out for its unique aesthetic appeal will have a far better chance of resonating with […]

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A luxury suite at La Scaletta

A Hotelier Shares Her Experience Using trivago Hotel Manager PRO

We’ve published many articles here about technology for hotels, from hotel tech trends pieces to guides on hotel technology best practices. And while we’re always happy to share our knowledge, we believe it’s important that hoteliers have the chance to hear and learn from one another, too. These peer-to-peer insights can be especially invaluable when […]

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Travelers relaxing in a hotel on vacation

The Appeal of a Package Deal: Hotels Drive Up Room Value with Special Offers

Offer guests something special along with your hotel room. That’s the message coming through loud and clear in an article published on Tnooz last month, which examined Expedia Group’s recent study on the consumer appeal and profitability of package sales. Hotel guests who purchase packages spend more on their rooms, book further in advance, and […]

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6 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Hotel Manager PRO

The hotel guest’s customer journey has moved online, and with it, a hotel’s booking opportunities — prompting hoteliers around the world to race to secure a competitive edge for their properties online. To help hoteliers triumph in this challenge on trivago, our developers built trivago Hotel Manager PRO. With PRO, hoteliers get instant access to the data they […]

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