How to Attract Lucrative Honeymooners to Your Hotel

In England alone, there are almost a quarter of a million weddings every year. Hence the whopping £10 billion the UK wedding industry generates annually. For this reason, hotel managers pay close attention to nuances and trends regarding weddings. But what about honeymoons and honeymooners?

Somewhere along the line, hoteliers the world over dropped the ball on the golden opportunity that is the honeymoon. And it’s losing them profit: Next to renting the wedding venue, the honeymoon is often what couples tying the knot will drop the most money on. The average pair of newlyweds sets aside over £3,000. That’s quite the budget, considering that the average UK summer vacation for two barely exceeds £1,000.

So, how can you entice honeymooners to spend that hefty budget at your hotel? By letting them know you can give them the singular experience they’re hoping for.

Have a honeymoon section on your website

It’s the first vacation of their married life—show them you can make it special. Have a honeymoon section on your website where you describe all the ways in which you cater to newlyweds’ expectations for privacy, pampering, and romance. Not sure how to make their stay a unique honeymoon experience? Here are eight low-cost things you can do to attract these lucrative niche guests to your hotel and fulfill their honeymoon wishes.

Premium access to amenities

a pair of resorts chairs with a view

Does your property boast a spa, sauna, or idyllic poolside? Let honeymooners know on your website, and remind them when they check in. Go the extra mile and reserve time for them to have the space all to themselves. If that’s not possible, you can set up two lounge chairs in the most private section of the pool. Have plush towels, water, and other extras ready for them. Just ask them when they’d like to relax, and you take care of the rest.

Tea for two

tea set and honey

Help honeymooners relax and enjoy just being together. Give them everything they need to make a perfect cup of tea without having to leave their cosy love nest. And don’t skimp. Stock it with more than enough tea, milk, and sugar—even a lemon or two and some honey. Impress them further with mugs that feel good to hold. Outshine your competition with a matching teapot that’ll help them feel especially civilised and pampered.

A thoughtful welcome gift

chocolate, wine, cookies and a magazine for guests

A mint on the pillow is nice, but these days, it’s just not special enough (for the average guest, let alone honeymooners). When it comes to guests on their honeymoon, hotel staff should go above and beyond to deliver a sensational experience. A bottle of wine, some cookies, a nice magazine, and select chocolates can play a large role. You don’t have to tell them exactly what they’ll receive when they stay with you. Just mention on your website that they’ll receive a honeymoon welcome gift and let mystery work its magic.

Leisurely breakfast in bed

a tray with breakfast is served on bed

Is there anything more indulgent or magical than being served breakfast in bed? Waking up to smells of baked goods, savoury breakfast classics, fresh coffee—it’s heavenly. And not having to leave the comfort of your bed and pyjamas to enjoy it? Pure bliss. Your guests will think the same when treated to breakfast in bed at your hotel. All it takes is a few extra minutes, and may just deliver one of their most cherished honeymoon moments.

Classy glass carafes

a hotels branded water sits on a desk with a note

Plastic water bottles can look and feel cheap, so invest in some glass carafes. For very little money, you can instantly elevate the perceived value of an overnight stay. It’s the little touches like these that make all the difference to honeymooners. If they feel nice and refreshed during their visit, they’re likely to attribute that to your hotel.

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A special itinerary

a couple shares wine during a picnic

This whole trip is about romance. While for some couples that means staying in bathrobes all day, for others, it means getting out and exploring the world together. Help them by suggesting special activities in your website’s honeymoon section. Start by highlighting your destination’s unique offerings, and include suggested plans and packages. When newlyweds book, they’ll likely let you know it’s for their honeymoon. So be ready to propose an itinerary to get them even more excited. Need ideas? How about a romantic picnic with the basket, blanket, and bottle of wine provided by your hotel?

Romantic dinner by candlelight

flowers, wine, and luxury food fare

If your hotel has a restaurant on site, here’s your moment to let it shine. Do up a table with the decorations you’ve got in storage—you know, the stuff tucked away for those special occasions. Add some fresh flowers to the mix of candlesticks and glassware and the ambiance is set. Go a step further and provide a special menu for the couple, including an aperitif or dessert on the house at the end.

Late check-out

a woman wakes up and stretches her arms near a window

The final night of the honeymoon is often when couples celebrate the most, as they try to make their special getaway last as long as possible. Don’t force them out of your hotel right after breakfast the next morning. Instead, let them check out whenever they’re ready. This costs you nothing, and leaves guests feeling relaxed instead of hurried. It’s also their final moment as your guest, so you want to impart a positive lasting impression among this high-value niche clientele.


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