7 Reasons to Invest in a (Modern) Hotel Management System (Cloud-PMS)

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Every hotelier deserves the best for his hotel. By the best, I mean the most innovative technology that will help him manage his hotel efficiently. A Property Management System, like Cloud-PMS, is the core tool of the hotel in terms of application; it helps managing reservations, invoicing, and daily tasks.

Because it’s for the good of your hotel to have one, here are 7 reasons why you should invest in a (modern) Hotel Management System or Cloud-PMS.

1- Because you can

Property Management Systems for hotels are now accessible in terms of pricing. For less than 100 euros per month you can manage your hotel. This kind of business model (monthly, yearly fees) gives you the freedom to leave when you want if you are not satisfied with the product (no lock-in contracts).

2- It is comprehensible

No need to be trained for weeks on end to understand this kind of system. This is one of the major differences between the old and new generation of PMS. Intuitive design for these systems has became a priority. It’s now common to involve designers in the development process to provide the most user-friendly (easy to use) application.

3- You can be connected

You probably know how important a channel manager and a booking engine are to get more reservations. And you know better how difficult it is to manage online channels by hand. Now it is directly connected to your PMS, everything is synchronized automatically. Again you save a lot of time and energy. You can also connect the application as POS (Point of Sales) to run your restaurant.

4- Take your freedom

A modern hotelier is a hotelier on the move. You can’t stay behind your reception desk anymore. PMS’ give you the mobility to be closer to your guests by doing check-in/check-out from a tablet and also the freedom to visit your business partners whenever you like. As a manager, it also allows you to have an eye on what happened in your hotel without being in it physically.

5- No hardware

No additional cost to buy compatible computers or “in–house” servers. You can directly use the system with your current tech (tablet, laptop or desktop computer). You don’t even need to install any application; it’s all online and in the cloud (Internet-based). You can literally implement a property management system within 4 minutes.

6- Secure

It is 2016. Having a local server within your hotel is now a thing of the past in the property management system world. Your data is now safe in a data-center where a 24/7 team takes care of your server. To illustrate the above, would you rather keep your money below your mattress or in a bank?

7- Support

Last but not least, the support. Generally included in the monthly price, is convenient customer service. Now, you can get in touch with professional help directly trough Skype or ticketing systems. No longer do you need to wait all day for a “technician” to come in your hotel and provide you with support. It is quicker, and more efficient today. You will never be alone when faced with an issue. The icing on the cake is that you should be getting all the system updates included in your recurring fee. When using the latest technology, you can rest-assured that you also have an up-to-date security infrastructure in place.