3 Reasons Your Hotel Does Not Show up in trivago Search Results

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Is your hotel already on trivago but you can’t find it when you search for it?  There are 3 reasons why this might happen.

Use this information below to turn the situation around and increase your hotel’s online visibility.

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#1 No partnership with a booking site

As a metasearch website, trivago promotes hotels who are available to be booked online through different travel agents. The online travel agents (OTAs) are the ones who advertise your rates on trivago. Accommodations without these partnerships will not be made visible in trivago’s hotel price comparison – they can be in trivago’s database but they will not appear when users search for them.

In case you already have a partnership but your hotel does not show up in the results, it is important to remember that the advertisers are not obligated to display all their hotels’ inventory. trivago does its best to show a full catalog but cannot guarantee a hotel’s availability in the search results.

To increase the chance of your hotel appearing in the trivago search results, it is important to have a partnership with at least one booking site but even more important to have partnerships with as many OTAs as possible.

#2 The booking site is promoting your hotel in specific markets

As explained before, OTAs are the ones that provide a hotel’s prices on trivago. They make a commercial decision to define on which of trivago’s international platforms they want to show the rates and this can change from hotel to hotel.

As an example, this means that your accommodation’s rates can be visible on the German, Spanish or French platform but not on the United Kingdom. In this example given, if you search for your accommodation on the UK platform, it will not be visible. However, if you search for your hotel in the German platform, you will be able to find it.

This happens because booking sites are constantly optimizing their advertising campaigns on trivago. If they decide to display your hotel’s prices on just some platforms, this can mean that your hotel performs better in specific markets, giving you and the OTA, more bookings than in other locales.

#3 Low performance of your hotel’s profile

It may happen that you can’t find your hotel on trivago because it’s not showing on the first pages of the search results.

Your accommodation is appearing on trivago but it does not generate many clicks. This low performance can be for reasons but the main cause is often the poor quality content the hotel uses in its profile. Hotels with low-quality content are less attractive for trivago’s users, they generate less interest amongst the travelers so they are pushed further down the results page.

In this case, an easy way to make your accommodation rank better in the search results, is to improve your hotel’s profile through trivago Business Studio.

It is important to take control and regularly manage your hotel’s profile. Make sure it shows accurate information and nothing is missing. This will increase your chances to be displayed more often when travelers are searching for a hotel and consequently improve your performance.

Claim your property’s trivago profile today.

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