In connection with our partnership with the Institute of Hospitality, we’re hosting a series of webinars to help hoteliers with the challenges they face in online marketing and hotel marketing in general. Staying ahead of the game is an ongoing endeavour for hotels, and continued education keeps your knowledge up to date and your skills sharp.

Our first webinar took place on 7 March and addressed the online distribution space, different intermediaries hotels can and should work with, and the various payment models used by online travel agencies. Equipped with a better understanding of the landscape, hoteliers can develop a stronger distribution strategy and make better-informed decisions about which OTAs to work with.

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Two webinars scheduled in May and July

Two hot topics this year are how hotels can compete with the holiday rental market, and how they can drive more direct bookings through their hotel website. We’ll be discussing both in our upcoming webinars on 23 May and 11 July, respectively.

How hotels can compete with the holiday rental market

Tackling this issue is all about getting inside the minds of travellers and understanding what it is about holiday rentals that appeals to them so much, so that you can appeal to them equally.

We’ll use traveller behaviour and trends to reveal the answers, and identify actions hoteliers can take to market themselves competitively to this traveller group.

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How hotels can drive direct bookings through their websites

The trick here is conveying your guest experience to the traveller at every touchpoint they have with your hotel brand. For this, hoteliers need to take control of the tools available to them, to hook travellers in the early stages of their online journey, compel them to book directly with the hotel in the final stages, and offer them a seamless user experience from start to finish.

Following on from our introduction to the online distribution landscape, we’ll look more closely at  hotel website user experience, booking engines, and connectivity, and how they work together as a package to maximise direct bookings.

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Aly Thompson

Aly is trivago’s Industry Manager for English-speaking markets. She began her career in hospitality and service and is passionate about creating unique and memorable customer experiences. She studied marketing and communication and is focused on empowering hoteliers to harness the power of digital marketing to target guests around the world.

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