It’s day three at ITB Berlin!

And it’s time to learn and socialise.

That’s the great thing about this tradeshow. It’s networking, it’s socialising, it’s learning, and it’s business all in one. That said, I am dedicating today to learning. The ITB App is an excellent resource for daily updates and it’s constantly live-streaming details for press talks, seminars, and industry events at ITB. My team and I are using this app to help us find the topics that we want to learn more about, locate the sessions at ITB, and to engage in industry education effectively.


Shortly after arriving at the stand this morning we started heading out to seminars; taking notes, and sharing learnings with each other. The session from Skyscanner on the future of B2B travel business was particularly insightful.

Filip Filipov, Skyscanner’s B2B Director, spoke at length about the traveller’s online behaviour when booking their trips. Filip told us that more often than not, travel companies and hotels assume that the traveller is interested in price and price alone. Many websites therefor list the price prominently and forget to showcase their unique selling points on the booking portal.

It’s important to display rates and information in the same area

Customers want to know what is and is not included before making a purchase. Hotels and travel businesses should indicate clearly if things like food and Wi-Fi are included in their specific offerings. In Filip’s presentation he used airlines as an example. By integrating simple and prominent icons for food, leg-room, luggage, and carry-on bags, the potential guest is able to see everything that matter’s to them most, right away.

He said “Every company has a special offering … [ but they’re] not doing a good job of showing that to the customer…rather than just showing the price, the customer wants to know more about the product.”

And we couldn’t agree more.  Thorough and accurate hotel details are what makes your accommodations stand out to the traveller searching for their ideal hotel online.


The day is flying by. The afternoon session was full of learnings from bloggers, industry professionals, and hoteliers. Later in the day we had the pleasure of speaking to Sabine Jorke, the owner of Apfelhotel and would love to share our insights with you. Sabine’s hotel is very unique in that it enjoys proximity to Berlin while maintaining a ‘weekend away’ feel.

Apfel’s unique selling point? It’s a Gasthaus that many cyclists call home. And for good reason. Riders have full access to a lockable garage for their bicycles,  tools necessary for maintenance, and exposure to a global network of tour riders. Shipping your bike oversees for a trip in Germany? No problem, she has you covered.

Not only is the selling point of Apfelhotel unique but it is something that other hoteliers can learn from. The Apfelhotel website clearly communicate this attraction. Within moments of logging on, the traveller knows why this accommodation is special. It caters to and provides for a specific experience. And people crave experiential travel and information. Hotels in the Berlin area are not hard to come by, but when you stand out and create an experience in the mind of the consumer then you are able to convert more potential guests into actual visitors.

This is why ITB is an unparalleled educational event as much as it is a stage for networking. Each and every attendee is a wealth of information and experience. Experience that you can learn from to better your own business.

When we asked Sabine what ITB means to her, she said “It’s networking, it’s talking face-to-face [learning from one another] and that is so important to me. I come here every year for this reason and it’s a good experience each time.”

Sabine from Apfel hotel


Well it’s nearing 7 o’clock and things are winding down for the evening. We’ve got some really exciting news though that we want to share with you. We’ve been notified that the trivago booth has been nominated for the Top 10 Best-Exhibitor-Award in our category. The nomination (and judging) was done discreetly by the Cologne Business School (CBS) throughout the show this week.

CBS evaluates all booths “with the help of a detailed criteria catalogue… developed by students of the Cologne Business School… aimed at minimizing subjectivity during the assessment process. The booths are evaluated according to… the designs of each booth, the quality of the offered information and services as well as the shown authenticity and creativity.”

This nomination means a lot to us and we couldn’t be more excited to receive it. Throughout next week we will share our experience at the award show along with highlights from our week at ITB. Use #trivagoITB to join in on the conversation on Twitter and comment in the blog if you have questions or personal ITB insights.

Stay tuned!


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