It’s day two at ITB Berlin!

Today is the day for networking: You can just feel it. The show is abuzz. But something’s different. There’s something in the air today that makes us even more excited than the day before. At first I tried to put my finger on it but couldn’t. And then it dawned on me. We bonded yesterday. We got to know each other a lot. We met hoteliers from around the world. We learned about their towns, their hotels, and their family business. We discussed their unique selling points. We connected.

And now we’re ready for round two.


This morning has been full of meet-ups. Destination marketing organisations are talking to industry managers to develop new techniques to market hotels. Hoteliers are stopping by for coffee and connecting with our dedicated representatives to discuss their hotel profiles and learn how to improve their rank. Marketers and bloggers are connecting at ITB’s blogging conference, on Twitter, and throughout the trade show halls.


I can’t believe it’s already after 5 o’clock. Time flies and happy hour is fast approaching, but there’s still so much more to do. We enjoyed appointments and chats with people from every corner of the industry this afternoon. I connected with bloggers and hoteliers alike, one-on-one and noticed a common theme. Everyone I talked to mentioned how ITB Berlin is exceeding their expectations. One of the hoteliers I connected with from Riemann Hotel in Bad Lautenberg told me that he comes every year. He’s been doing that for over a decade now and it’s clear why.

He said “I come here for the wealth of new information, for the industry and for the specializations in marketing and sales that share a common space. I come here to grow my hotel business.”

Blogger Claudia Scheffler-Perrone stopped by and chatted with my colleague and I as well. She talked about the value of hotel press trips and how hotels can improve their guest experience. Her number one tip for hoteliers? Tell the traveller what you have on offer. From the gym to the patio, all details are important. And don’t stop with the  A-Z in-suite booklet either. Tell guests about amenities and features online while they are searching for accommodations and in-hotel as they check-in.

And that’s why she’s here. To educate, to meet people, and to connect. When we asked her what ITB means to her she said “It is a connection, it is networking. It’s connecting to destinations and to media. I am a journalist and a blogger so these things are important to me. And I meet very interesting people here that make this industry what it is.”

This is why we love ITB. We couldn’t agree more. The networking is incredible and the caliber of people here makes it the success that it is.


We’re off to chat with some new friends and colleagues at our trivago bar now and then we’ll pile back into our shuttle bus and head to our team dinner. If we did not get a chance to meet you today, we’d love to connect with you tomorrow. Please come on by Hall 9 – Stand 317 and tell us about yourself and your business.


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