Have you ever hosted global travellers with a range of expectations?

Chances are good that you’ve opened your doors to young and old alike over the seasons. Guests on leisure and business trips have probably booked with you as well.

But do you know what they really want in a hotel? What it is that makes them choose yours over someone elses? Sure, some are Brits and you think you’ve got their needs covered. But if you have your hotel listed on an international travel website then guests from Spain, Italy, Germany and France are likely to find you as well. So, how do you attract those guests? How do you get as many people to see your listing as possible without having to pay large commissions to distributors all of the time?

You’re not alone. Many hotel managers ask themselves the same thing. Every day.

For starters, you have to put yourself in their shoes. We know you’re busy though so we’ve done some digging for you. According to recent research, 15% of trivago users employ specific filters when searching for a hotel. That’s around 18 million people each month. More importantly, the users who select filters are also more likely to click on a room offer. These are quality leads and they can turn into profitable guests if you have what they’re looking for. But you also need to tell them. Use your hotel listing to talk about your most popular amenities. When your description aligns with their preferences, your opporunity to boost your hotel metasearch rank increases.

Now you just need to know what’s popular.

We’ve compiled insights from the over 4 million searches made per day on trivago to show you exactly what visitors to the UK search for.  More specifically, this hones in on the criteria that matters most to travellers from the top five European markets.

The ideal budget is around £105 per night

The Price Slider allows users to set a maximum desired spend for one night. On average, travellers from the five target countries are willing to spend £105 per night on a room. The Spanish and British are ready to spend the most (£109) compared to the French who are willing to spend a slightly more modest £99.

The ideal hotel type

Regardless of the nationality, when visiting the UK, travellers generally look for a centrally located hotel. It comes as no surprise as conveniently placed hotels are ideal for those unfamiliar with an area.

Additionally, specific types of hotels appeal more, or less, to various nationalities.

There is little difference in the choices of the British, who are almost equally interested in Spa, Beach Front and Country hotels. But not everyone wants what the Brits want. The differences are more apparent in the 2nd and 3rd choices of the Germans and French who select Country Hotels. Or the Spanish and Italian travellers who tend to search for Designer hotels.

The ideal hotel facilities

Now that we know more about which type of hotels are preferred, let’s go deeper and define the perfect hotel according to hotel facilities. Consider that facilities are the services and features that make your guest’s stay even easier. And memorable.

There are a lot of similarities between the top five EU countries when selecting hotel facilities, but the difference lies in which they prioritise. Car Park, Non-smoking Rooms and Wireless Internet feature commonly in the top 3 filters when travellers. It appears that Brit’s first concern is convenient parking. The second filter, ‘Non-smoking rooms’ features high as the 2nd most important factor. However, for markets other than the UK, the margin between the first and second filters is fairly equal.

The ideal room

The room is probably one of the most important components when searching for a hotel. As travellers, we’ve all had a bad experience because our expectations were too high or the information was unclear when choosing the hotel. That’s why trivago gives importance to their filter system in order to help the user find the hotel room that will suit their needs and expectations best.

When traveling to the UK, all markets are concerned about having a TV and Wi-fi in the room. Cooking amenities also rank high, as “Kitchen/kitchenette” features amongst the top filters for three out of five countries.  Generally travellers are looking to stay in a room fitted with a shower in the bathroom. Only the British and Italian select the filter “Bathroom with bathtub” and that is a particularly small percentage for Italy (3.7%). Other notable facilities chosen are climate control by the Germans and an open fire place in the room for the British.
Travellers select filters according to the aim of their trip (leisure, business, family holidays, etc), their habits, expectations and the local climate. That is probably why, when traveling to the UK, a very low percentage (less than 1% of users) select the filter “Balcony/Terrace”. In this case, the British are the most interested ones, apparently not fearing their own weather.

Show what makes your hotel ideal

trivago users select filters in order to narrow their search. The ones who select filters are also more likely to choose a hotel and book it. In order to appear in the shortlist of their ideal choice, make sure you tick off all of your amenities and facilities. You do this in the Hotel Information section on the free platform trivago Hotel Manager. It is quick to do but it can make a big difference in how guests view your listing. Don’t lose out on guests because you forgot to tick a box!


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