Big things are always happening with trivago Hotel Manager — updates, improvements, new features and services. We’re constantly working to provide you with better, simpler, and more effective means to market your hotel and manage your online presence on trivago and we want to keep you in the loop.

Every month we’ll be posting here about the latest developments from the Product side of Hotel Manager, so that you’ll always know about the exciting changes we’re implementing to make managing your Hotel Information, Reputation, and Rates ever more efficient and financially rewarding.

Here’s what we’ve been working on this June:


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90-day publication for Hotel News

Previously, if hoteliers wanted to have their published Hotel News appear for longer than 30 days they would have to reactivate it every month. After receiving feedback on the frustration this caused many of you, we’ve extended the expiration date to 90 days, saving you precious time and ensuring that more potential guests see the exclusive news that sets your hotel apart from the rest.

Your email included in Contact Details

Travelers looking for their ideal hotel will now see your email address, meaning they can reach out to you directly and at their convenience to learn more about your property and availability. It’ll help you build a relationship with your guests and increase your opportunities to land direct bookings.

Direct Connect no longer beta

In December 2015 we launched the open beta version of Direct Connect, enabling hoteliers to promote their website rates directly on trivago so that they could drive more traffic to their website and enjoy more direct bookings for their business.

As of this month, the term “beta” is a thing of the past; Direct Connect is now an established advanced feature on trivago Hotel Manager, and it’s gotten even better thanks to two major improvements:

(1) Multi-market campaign functionality

With the beta version, hoteliers were only able to promote their website rates to their own country. Now you can reach travelers on all 55 trivago platforms with your rates, maximizing the potential to have guests book directly with you and reducing your commission costs.

You’re now able to:

– Select the markets in which to promote your website rates
– Run independent campaigns with different budgets for each market
– Monitor the performance of your campaign(s) on both a global and local level

(2) Direct Connect analytics

When activity promoting website rates through Direct Connect, it’s important to monitor the CPC campaign’s performance daily. To make this easier, we’ve streamlined the analytics on the Hotel Manager dashboard, eliminating non-essential information and overly complicated data so that hoteliers can see clearly and immediately how their campaigns are performing and what actions to take as a result.

You can now see daily analytics for the following:

  • Clicks – the number of users that clicked on the Direct Connect price link
  • Cost – the total cost of the current campaign
  • CPC – the average cost-per-click for the current campaign
  • Average position – where your website rate appears on average in the list of all available rates
  • CPA  – the cost-per-acquisition as a percentage
  • Bookings – the number of bookings made on your official hotel website via trivago
  • Booking ratio – the percentage of bookings per total amount of clicks during the campaign
  • Booking value – the total amount of revenue, calculated by multiplying the room rate by total number of bookings

Introducing SEPA payment option

Our final update for the month of June is one that concerns payment: we’re pleased to inform you that hoteliers in Europe can now process payments for their trivago Hotel Manager PRO subscriptions with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), giving you greater convenience in handling your account.

So there you have it—product updates for the month of June. Our team is already deep into developing even more improvements for trivago Hotel Manager, and we look forward to telling you about them in next month’s update.

Until then, let us know what you think of the latest developments, and what improvements you’d like to see, by commenting below.

Menelaos Moustakas

Menelaos heads the Global Product Marketing team at trivago. Born and raised in the hospitality industry, he recognizes that every hotel is unique and therefore requires a unique marketing strategy in order to realize its full business potential. With his customer-service background and business degree, Menelaos strives to enable hoteliers to get everything they possibly can out of trivago Hotel Manager and metasearch marketing, so they can improve their online performance and maximize their revenue.

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